Groveling ode to Master Sir’s holy ejaculate from sissy “Gabriella”

After a lot of mooing she sent me this –

An Ode to Perfect Master Sir’s Cum 


My Master has a right that I don’t,

He can cum as he wishes,

His delicious sticky cum held safe in his magnificent balls,

My target to drain them clean. 


As his mighty cock pulses,

The cum I’m so desperate for is pushed from those delicate balls,

The wondrous alpha load,

Shooting onto a cloth or plate,

My undeserving mouth waits impatiently. 


The white elixir,

The milk of the Gods,

It pools, calling me, begging to be slurped up,

It’s texture, it’s warmth, it’s power it holds over me,

I praise my God for being allowed to even look at it. 


I receive the nod from my God as he watches amused by my wonder,

I kneel above the magnificent cum,

I smell it, my mind dizzy from the invigorating aroma,

I slide a single finger into it,

It slimes around, the wonder liquid. 


Finally I am allowed to consume,

My mind spins as I pour it gently onto my tongue,

Savouring the flavour,

Showing my God, waiting for his permission to swallow. 


I swish the sticky cum around my mouth,

Getting every sensation from it,

Getting the nod to swallow I allow it to slide down my throat,

My mouth smiling, my eyes closed,

My body calm and absorbing the wonderful gift. 


I lower my head in thanks,

Taking his mighty cock, still hard into my mouth,

Draining out every last drop, hungry for more of his beatiful load. 


I thank my God for his gift,

His cum, his sperm, his alpha load,

My pleasure, my honour, my privilege to receive it,

I am forever thankful.

I was actually pissed off at her. The fat slut, as you can see from the video I shared the last time – has a tummy rivaling a whales and I’ve told her numerous times not to drink beer.

She said she wouldn’t, yet, much like with a previous lie – I found out. Master lives in Sissy minds. It’s futile trying to conceal anything.

In sissys’s own words

I’m mooing and crying knowing that I’m not in control at all

She claimed she forgot. Hmmph!

I didn’t punish her directly for this – as yet.


After reading the ode above, I had to smile.

How could I not?

But it’s not surprising – that’s the hokd I have over my sissy cows.

I told this one to put on a pink bra and send over a picture. She didn’t have one, so said she “might have to borrow from her friend.”.

Or, buy new clothes.

I told her to do either.

Outcome –


That’s the hold a real alpha Male, a true God amongst men has on sissies.

And to find out more – read 25 odes to alpha males in underwear. Sissies, remember to MOO each time you internalise an ode!


Mike Watson

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