Precisely, Princess Tina. “Slapstick Comedy”. The slap and stick, both for ME!

I was going to make this one about “hands like butter”.

Or, as I told Princess Tina recently (today, actually).

“Madam, your  hands and feet are so soft, just like BUTTER! So lovely so Goddess like, thank you so, so much!”

And of course, this amused her no end, given yours truly is responsible for that to a large extent.

“I’m worried about you”, she cackled back. “You’re crazy, boy! Did you find a girlfriend as yet?”

That was a rhetorical question, of course, but it got the answer it deserved. Pun intended!

“Madam, of course not! How would you allow your servant boy to do that????”

And though for a minute I Was surprised she asked that, it hit me later, and I wasn’t, and on that note . . .

. . . Right there and then I wanted her to kick me once.


Right square in my full, leaking, CUCK bollocks!

OUCH! I can feel the DEBILITATING pain, Madam, and yet the pleasure from your buttery soft yet STRONG fingers as you flick my nipples so deftly thereafter!

Pleasure and pain, as I told Madam.  And as I wrote about. The combo is just so NOXIOUS, it drives me insane with lust!

“I don’t hurt people”, replied Madam.

Which is true to an extent. She hasn’t REALLY smashed me in the balls as yet. “Just a light tap, Goddess”, as I later told her. Hehe.

“I didtn really mean you have to HURT ME”, I continued.

“I know”, she replied. “Slapstick comedy!”

And though she finds it hilarious that she gets to be married and I serve her (and them? That’s another tale for another time) I was going to write about “hands like butter”, and a “kick like a MULE”.

As it should be for these Goddesses.

Or, like I told Madam Carol and like she once told me.

“Girls should be like honey, boy! Soft and sweet!”

So they should, boy!

That isn’t included in Sissy Central, but a lot of other even more useful tips are.

And before I get to writing about buttery hands (sometimes poking me! ?) and soles even softer (my job! ?) and a KICK And slap like a mule, and how I love massaging her muscles (Tina’s) – grab Sissy Central now, boy!

IT truly is the best course on this you’ll ever read!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is another BESTSELLING course on ruined orgasms – believe me, the leaking after she BUSTS YOUR BOLLOCKS has to be felt to be experienced! Thank you, so much, Goddess!!!!!!

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