Get her ready for her dates, sissy!

Dear Reader,

One of the most interesting and FUN parts of my relationship with the lovely Pearl (her who I’ve spoken about so often) was not so much the findom aspect of the relationship – or the massages she made me give her regularly – or even purely the sissification part (which I must admit SHE enjoyed immensely!).

No – it was something I’ve written about before – her having her cake – and eating it too – which is a cornerstone of TRUE femdom – and should be a rule EVERY REAL male submissive lives by.

And part of that, of course, is accepting the fact that she needs – and deserves – other men in her life too!

This holds true, by the way, regardless of whether or not you’re into femdom or not. We all know how men are, and how men love a bit of “variety” in their lives in terms of women – – and we all know how men pass it off as being “biologically wired” to have multiple partners and women being “wired” to be caretakers – and what part of what makes femdom so interesting is turning all of that on it’s HEAD (no pun intended, hehe) – and throwing expected gender roles out of the WINDOW.

Often times, I’d stand behind Madam Peal, sissifed, and in my pink skirt (which fit me well – hey – this sissy prides herself on staying in shape) – barefoot, toenails painted a shade of green (she loved that color on me, though I wanted pink!) – – with a tray in my hands – – with nothing but different shades of lipstick and nailpolish – and assorted makeup.

She’d giggle while looking at me, and try on different shades of lipstick.

“How does that look, sissy? Do my lips look sexy?”

And she’d tap my caged penis, look at me with THAT wicked, yet oh-so-alluring LOOK in the eye – and continue trying on different shades of lipstick.

Blush, nailpolish, mascara – you name it – and I helped her put it on – all to get her ready for … get this … a DATE with another man!

I still remember telling her towards the start of the relationship, albeit shyly … (or should I say “asking”, hehe).

“Madam, may I say something?” (this while serving her dinner)

No reply. She was eating, and probably thought it was more compliments about her feet, which she enjoyed, and ignored too when she felt like it!

“Madam …”

“What, boy?? Just say it!!”

“Madam, I think you should have the right to choose other boyfriends too … “, I said, cock hardening (I wasn’t locked as yet) – – and then I added hurriedly “only if you want to, of course!”

She stopped eating. Pregnant pause.

And then the giggle.


“Well, because … ”

And instinctively, she grinned – and turning around, flicked my nipples once and winked at me.

And giggled again at my reaction …!

“Yes, you’re right! I do deserve that…”

“May I help you look beautiful for your dates, Madam? Help you with makeup, etc”, I asked, quivering, cock twitching, barely able to control myself.

I would have cum – copiously – in an instant if she had so much as touched my dick then (as it is, I was leaking furiously ) ….!

And while not all the dates resulted in her having sex with the men, some did – and to me, there are few things better than a real sissy than to get her ready for real men – and serve her while, and AFTER she’s been with the real man!

All women need to be “filled” sometimes as Madam Alexa said.

All women need two type of men in their life.

One being the virile, rough, alpha stud that can make her feel like a woman – and take her on command – and satisfy her sexually in a way beta sissies never could!

And two, of course, the provider. Once she’s done having sex, she gets to go back to the security of a caged sub – or boyfriend – or hubby – providing for her – and NEVER allowed to date other women.

A man completely devoted to her – and her pleasure only!

And by extension,his of course. I still remember Pearl helping me spread my ass the first time after more than a few bottles of wine, as her stud prepared to mount me – and that experienced of being fucked and licking Madam at the same time was something I’ll never, ever forget!

He hit all the right spots, and I must have at least 10 “sissygasms” if not more – and after reversing position, it was more of the same – except I tasted Madam on her lovers big black cock – and got to taste his precious cum as well (and yes – my cum was swept away – his – well – read yesterday’s email if you don’t know!).

And that, to me is the most interesting part about all this. Her having her cake – and getting to eat it too – and using me for her pleasure – and her stud’s!

Sissy Hubby indeed, and if you’re aspiring to be a true sissy – bring this concept up with your lady – and do so right – and I guarantee you – your life will never be the same again!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Madam Su was another lady that took to this sort of thing like a duck to water (more so than Madam Pearl) – – but the key is introducing it the right way. She’ll have questions – the first one being “why do you want me with other men if you love me?”. Most men can’t answer that one as they SHOULD – and believe me, this sort of thing is key on your journey to becoming the perfect sissy – and cuck. Start then, by learning, understanding – and FOLLOWING the rules laid out in Cuck Central – right here –

P.S #2 – Thank you so much, Princess Joanie! A lot of this wouldn’t have come to “fruition” without YOU – YOUR support – and of course expert dominance, hehe.

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