Memsahib JI, thank you SO MUCH for everything, you’re just so GORGEOUS, just so dominant!

And all Indian ladies are, really!

They say you really, really care about a topic when you can write about it almost on command even during “down times” (does it feel that way? I think NO! ?) as I am now, and when you ATTRACT the same thing to you, willy nilly, almost on auto pilot.

Actually let me take that back.

As I pay obseiance mentally to this gorgeous woman with a kid, swinging her on the swings out there in the park, I remove the “almost on”!

It’s really effortless, my friend and when you can literally feel your fingers shaking, have typo ridden emails and as the inimitable Donald Trump once said, have your fingers flying as fast as they can and the brain still moving faster, well, you know you care about it!

A mere glimpse of those lovely FEET , and the ankles in that lovely salwar kameez, a loose one (and it ain’t for nothing I’ve called it my favorite Indian garment!!) in the park.

Feet that aren’t traditionally attractive, and a lady that wasn’t either. Fat perhaps.

Mask on, so all I saw was the hair and eyes, and for once, she did not notice me, so that look wasn’t so much there as I saw it, but as I moved closer to her, just trying to get a glimpse of her feet, I could barely finish my workout and was shaking with lust right there and then!

A white salwar kameez, and her lovely fat feet, and fat ankles, and toes UNPOLISHED.

And the feet UNPEDICURED.

And the vibe was there, and I’d gladly not just hump the air as perfect Mistress Cody once instructed me to do privately, and once with other cucks (many times, actually!) present, but still in private, but I’d hump the GROUND.

The wet mud in the park, and I’d do so publicly while she kicked me in the balls, probably still cum, and eat the mixture of cum and MUD as she wanted me to do!

Anything for her, anything to kiss those feet and proclaim her UTTER and complete dominance over yours truly, and Indian ladies my friend have that “something” that Chinese ladies do as well that makes you, the TRUE femdom lover just want to GROVEL!

Maybe it’s the accent,

Maybe the skin, I don’t know.

Maybe . . . but as I talk to perfect Madam Christina . . .JI!!!! for one, and literally feel her lovers cock stare at me, dripping, eagerly waiting (and more on that later for you cucks out there), I gotta write this.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!

You ALL Make it so worth it, and you all are so NICE by using us men as we DESERVE! (well, most of us!).

And to top things off, I saw the lovely Pooja Memsahib on the way back, soles on full display, with that gravely voice . . . chatting with another lady, and though she saw me, she IGNORED me.

As she should.

Before it’s time to rape me, and my wallet!!!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! I cannot thank you ENOUGH!


Mike Watson

PS – And to celebrate the true spirit of womanhood and female domination, ANY woman that emails me wanting to buy my products or books or courses gets a flat 20% off. Why? Because you’re a female, and you deserve it, Madam! ?

PS #2 – But hurry. This offer is only valid for TODAY i.e. 09/29. I MIGHT extend until the 30th, but I’m not sure!

PPS – Be watching for the next email too, sissies and FAGGOTS out there! Oh, and she was wearing sandals today. Oh boy!!!!

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