Woman worship – regardless of AGE!

Dear Reader,

One of the most interesting – and best – things that Madam Alexa and I often talk about it is this – the AGE difference between us.

She’s more than 18 years younger than I am (and although I myself look around 10 years younger than I am due to my sticking to a GOOD exercise routine – hey, sissies need to be young, beautiful and in shape! Hehe) – and this age difference is always on our minds when we chat about anything.

It MATTERS – YES – not her age – but the age difference!

“Madam, I love the age difference between us”, I’ll often blurt out.

She giggles.

“Me too, hehe”. A more calm response, a more “mature”, measured response, but I can tell (and she’s told me) she LOVES this dynamic too – and rightfully so!

There is a certain turn on – – a certain UNIQUE way of being humiliated – – when you address a person younger than you by many years respectfully – – and more importantly, as your Lord, Master (Mistress!) and TRUE (and always) superior!

I’ve made mention before of my occasional visits to the Indian subcontinent, where (unfortunately from a real life perspective) the tradition of keeping “servants” (and servile ones at that) is very much alive and “kicking” – and servants far older than their “Mistresses” or “Masters” are routinely verbally and otherwise degraded (without it being looked upon as  such by society at large, such is the “acceptance!”).

A servant should know her place, BOY! (Madam Aa ling, her of the … ah, but you probably remember!)

You’re always boy, and I’m always your Madam! (The imperious Madam Pearl …)

In Hong Kong in days bygone, older Chinese waiters in restaurants, for instance, were routinely and laughingly (and contemptuously!) addressed as “boy” during the colonial era (pre 1960 etc) …

And examples abound galore.

When Princess Tina, for instance, addresses me as a servant in the most humiliating manner possible – and I do the exact opposite thing – it’s the whole “age dynamic” at play that makes it so much more interesting!

Serving an younger lady – – an younger Goddess — and her lovers – – like ROYALTY

And lest you think it doesn’t work the other way around – think again, my friend.

A lot has been made of men “preferring younger women” both socially and otherwise. It’s somehow acceptable for a man to marry a woman 10 or more years younger than him – but the other way around – ?? – and society at large “comments”.

And I’m here to tell you – and always have- – that true femdom isn’t about age or looks – its about the MIND. Everything else is secondary!

Madam Susan, for instance, her of the Madam Carrie series – is 12 years younger than me – but as I was chatting with her the other day, I felt this urge to drop down and lick the bottom of her beautiful flip flops for no reason – and proclaim her to be a GODDESS that deserves young, virile lovers – and SLAVES!

And thats how it should be – because she’s a Goddess – regardless of age!

From Goddess Priyanka, to Madam Pearl, to Madam Susan, Krystal, and all the other lovely ladies I’ve been fortunate to be with – and of course most recently Princess Tina – they’re all Goddesses – and always will be – regardless of AGE!

And in case this sort of humiliation turns you on immensely – either as a Domina or a male submissive – well – rest assured this is but just the TIP of the iceberg, my friend.

There is far, far more to humiliation and true degradation than just this – and Princess Joanie knew this better than most and it was after meeting that lovely, and FAR younger lass (that I’ve often said has the most beautiful feet in Southern China and rightfully so) that I penned Humiliation Central.

It’s WELL worth an investment for all those of you interested in humiliation and femdom in general – and you’ll want to pick it up right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

OK, my friend. Thats it for now. I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

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