Pressing Granny’s feet in the “mornings”!

The sun shining in through the curtains, and me pressing the old lady’s feet -thats all I could see, her big, bare (BIG!) – broad (BROAD!) feet – the soles, actually!

The rest was covered by a white dress.

The sun’s rays would shine in through the old window, bathing the room in those early morning rays, the crows and all “cawing”outside – and I’d press Granny’s feet repeatedly as she relaxed, the old lady on the bed, me on the dusty floor. 

Now, this never actually happened – for once, it’s more fiction than reality – but the Granny part – not fiction!

And I still remember her feet, she used to be sick a lot, so cranky and ill tempered most of the time …

(Unlike a certain Saloni Ma’am I once Wrote about, I dont know why she came to mind too!)

But anyway, last night …

I was pressing Ma’am’s (Granny’s) shoulders!

She was TIRED!

Her soles, as she lay there, feet CROSSED.

Thats all I could SEE!

And I was pressing them.

I kissed up the calf, the old lady’s leg , she moaned in pleasure…

Maybe these thoughts (of doing this to another lady) before lopping off to bed generated the dream it did.

But anyway, she told me to “get her milk for the morning too!”

I remember going to one store, “cow milk” was out. I went to the other, I believe I found it!

I believe a girl got to it in the first store before me! Hehe.

Anyway, I wrote more about this here

But that house, that old house, the servants, all those stories – so TRUE!

Mike Watson growing up – truly what you would never imagine.

And a lot of those recollections, straight from the heart, and hard hitting – and straight out of REALITY LAND – yet so intense you’d be forgiven for thinking it was fantasy – right here in the spellbinding 16 Indian Femdom Recollections manual – which you must grab.

Back to older ladies, the last time I worshipped an old lady like that, it was Aa Ling’s mom!

And that tale is recanted here.

Alright – enough for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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