“Sissy gargle cum, sissy swallow cum”

Dear Reader,

Well, after the tremendous “ovation” that last email on sissies got, I felt compelled to do what I would have anyway – which is to continue on on the sheer JOYS (I should say orgasmic joys, except sissies aren’t permitted real orgasms, of course!) of being a TRUE sissy, and being comfortable in sissy skin, so to speak!

And on the topics of being fucked in the ass – – and gargling his all important cum – – well – – the gorgeous and one and only Madam Priyanka was by far the BEST at it (although it’s a tough call!).

I still remember the first time both her lovers took me. It was her friend and her and two long, hung black studs they had invited over – – and after they were done with the women – – guess who took everyone’s fancy!

It was me – – and I still remember those two massive cocks plowing in and out of me … and despite the lube, that time it was actually painful – – and I could barely walk properly for the next few days.

But a true foot bitch –  a true sissy – – a true male submissive – – gets used to whatever Mistress enjoys very quickly indeed, and so it was for me!

Often times, I’d be looking at her lovers thick cock after about 20 minutes of furious exertion (and he’d take her in the ass too – and make me suck him right after!) … ready to cum, and as he came, into my wide mouth, thick juicy ROPES of cum as I massaged his balls gently (he liked that) … the command came.

“Don’t swallow, boy! Keep the cum in your mouth!”

And as I kept it there, they’d flop back down on the bed – or couch – or kitchen counter – whichever it was – exhausted, and I’d see four pairs of soles – a dripping pussy – – and an exhausted, yet semi erect massive black glistening cock resting on a set of beautiful, yet spent (for the moment) balls ..

And they’d usually LAUGH at me, and humiliate me to the max, before Goddess issued further orders.

Sometimes, I was to swallow it. Sometimes, I was about to spit it out and use it – the next morning – on my toothbrush!

I still remember a time she shoved the toothbrush up my ass first — this BEFORE I had wiped her ass, of course, after she “went” (that being one of my regular duties, as regular readers will know!) – – and as I cleaned her, and kissed each buttcheek, thanking her for the privilege – she smacked me on the head and started brushing her own teeth – with her own toothbrush, perfectly clean.

“Bitch, go get that cum”, she suddenly said, and so I did, toothbrush sticking out my ass as I walked …

She spat into the glass of cum as she brushed her own teeth.

Once done, she pulled it out … and made me brush my teeth with the mixture – with a toothbrush whose business end had just been up my ass if you get my drift!

And so forth.

So the point of me saying this is this – REAL sissies don’t just suckie and fuckie. They gargle cum too – – except it’s not their own usually – – their own is usually only used for – – ah, but I’ll get to that later!

(Hint – her shoes did glisten – and sparkle – more so than with regular polish!)

And as for being fucked, I still remember a dick in my mouth, and a dick in my ass as Goddess Priyanka and her friend would laugh, and take pictures, as the men enjoyed humiliating me as well – – and I distinctly remember starting to enjoy it.

“Yes, Master. Harder, Master”, I’d “coo” (the best I could with a cock fucking my throat), and Mistress would slap my ass, laughing as if she had just heard the best thing in the world.

She had, of course!

And these experiences, my friend – ALL these experiences – – are what have prompted me to put together Sissy Central.

If being a sissy – a cuckolded sissy – a humiliated male submissive – any of this turns you on – and it should! – then you really owe it to yourself to grab this manual now.

Do so now, and write back with your tales of being sissified. I’ll share them with the world!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Sissies love cock, and that isn’t a secret whatsoever. And it is for those sissies that I’ve put together a book called “Cuckold Compilations” – – which do NOT involve any “fluff” (pun intended, hehe) — and which get straight to the “meat and bones – uh, balls” (pun intended again!). If you love submitting to your Madam – and a nice, giant (preferably colored) COCK – then this will be right up YOUR alley, my friend – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuckold-compilations/


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