The clackety clack of Madam’s heels clacking up against her lovely soles…

I remember a friend of mine back in the day “Michael” talking about his wife.

She walks so noisily, he was saying. Not really complaining, but … sort of, yes.

He was divorced, first wife was a “bitch” apparently for not doing curtains. NO comment there!

Anyway – I remember him saying this.

“As she walks, the way her slippers SMACK against her soles” …

You know the sound, dont you, guys? And yes, it can be aggravating, some of us “spiritual” sorts or “smart” sorts can be very perceptive to these things in general. He was for sure …

Anyway, “she means well”, he then said.

I get it Michael. It can be annoying at times, at the best of times, being interupted all the time when writing something, or doing something important!

But either way, this morning while buying some stuff outdoors (veggies!) – this lady passed by, big, tall, fat, overweight … and her lovely white heels were clacking NOISILY against her heels as she slammed one foot down after the other, kept walking …

Lots of guys noticed it.

The older guys were talking about “these Madam’s with so much makeup, powder etc” ..

I didnt make a comment. Hehe.

But as they spoke about older ladies who I wisely (to avoid further comment) referred to as Auntie, many thoughts flashed through my mind, including when I met my S.O. the first time.

Same white heels, same foot size, except it clacked a little less!

They were so smelly too, my friend – both the feet – and the heels (the heels more so!)

Same thing with MAdam Carol, the smell of LEATHER wouldn’t go from her soles no matter what, but thats OK!

Anyway …

That is the update for today, not much else to share, except – we’re hard at work on Sissy Workouts.

If you haven’t yet availed of the pre-order for this one as yet, do so NOW.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – Doesn’t that sound just BECKON all footboys?

I just saw a video last night of a lazy girl lying down on her bed, not necessarily in good shape either, wearing slippers, idly SMACKING the slave on the face when she felt like it.


And I said that publicly as well…

“Men under a woman’s feet, to be used as she sees fit” – Madam, you’re so right. 

Her response?

Tart, PITHY – and dominating, I can feel it.


She might as well have said BOY TOO!

Ma’am, you’re so NICE, paye lagu, Madam … JI!

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