My Princess Tina inspired “sissy gasm” last night!

Well, I wrote about it.

And after that massive “spate” of emails over the past few days, after all the chat with Princess Tina (some of which I posted on Twitter!) it was BOUND to happen.

And I believe I mentioned working up to a massive sissy gasm in past emails.

Anyway, I mentioned how Princess Tina (much like the inimitable Princess Joanie, who also came to mind last night! ?) is on her beach holiday with a couple of her friends, still enjoying herself.

And she keeps the slave on her toes (that’s me, yours truly “her” sissified!).

And I spoke about how she ordered me to ‘go cook now, boy!’ and even told me that to!

Oh boy.

And last night as I lay down (for once, in bed, since Princess isn’t here ?) and neither is her LOVER) I just had to do it.

I flicked my nipples.

And almost came.

So sensitive are my sissy nipples now that I Can cum from just flicking them enough and with the right amount of thought.

Actually, I should use the word “release”. Not cum! Us sissies don’t get to cum, and we shouldn’t! ?

Neither should you cucks reading this. As I wrote about in Cuck Central, your “dick” (or excuse of ‘manhood’) is ONLY there for release. Either piss or other bodily “ejaculates”, boy! EW!!

There is nothing nastier than sissy cum!

And as I sit here writing this I’ve got my cum caked (and now DRIED) cloth I used last night right next to me (as Princess Tina demanded, and as lovely Madam Pearl wanted to “see” all those years ago!).

She actually wanted me to EAT my cum too!

Which I did, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, my finger went in. Well lubed.

And my prostrate was SO enlarged I could probably have touched it with a single insert! ?

And leaked away …

But I didn’t. I didn’t allow myself even that slight tingle of pleasure.

And yet, as I plowed back and forth, Princess Joanie came to mind.

And then Princess Tina.

“Then buy me a DRESS, BOY!”

That ONE comment inspired an entire book, so you can imagine the hold she had over me, and she knew it!

“Now go cook, boy!”

And you KNOW the hold Gorgeous Tina has over me, and I thought of her relaxing, screaming out orders at me.

Willy nilly, non stop. And her pantyhose too! ?

Two or three gentle thrusts. Just like a lovely COCK going in and out, priming me … just like the lovely COCK I saw on Twitter the other day, and the other one I wrote about.

And I thought about being the perfect cuck.

Sucking the HEAD of his cuck for as long as he wanted, staring at it as he came, real man cum, and of course him plunging into my rear end … the GAPING opening getting wider and better lubed with each plunge …

Before I knew it, I “released”.

Massive, massive “load” except I pissed it out. And it was THICK and gooey. That entire cloth was soaked several times over!

Sissy gasms tend to really produce a massive load … and really “empty” your balls except WITHOUT the pleasure. And that’s how it should be, sissy! ?

And as I did, a gasp escaped me. Not so much pleasure as relief plus pleasure, and sissy gasm lovers will KNOW what I mean here!

I slept well. Better than I have in days!

And the sissygasm was to “blame” (or credit) for this, hehe.

And I have no doubt there are more coming – stay tuned for more reports on them!


Mike Watson

PS – I so love not just writing about, not just talking about, but LIVING this lifestyle. Remember perfect Madam Ann who weaved a spell over me years ago and said “sex should be only once a week and for release!” She would have LOVED this sort of thing! Read about her right here –

PS #2 – And to “live the lifestyle” you as a cuck or budding sissy (pun intended) can only DREAM of (and no, social media doesn’t count! ? and neither does browsing the Internet and badgering women out of the blue! ?) PREPARE yourself mentally first, boy. Grab my course on it right here: A complete guide to attracting dominant ladies from the cHinese mainland.

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