20 years later . . .

I wonder, my friend, is the world any SAFER right now?

20 years down the road from one of the most horrendous terror attacks ever – and definitely the first on American soil, I’d say (at least as far as I can recall, even now!) … has the world really changed – learnt – any of that?

Given all the biowarfare, wars everywhere on a small scale, countries all but ready to go to war over RESOURCES …

I’d say it’s the same vicious cycle all over again, except in a different manner.

Humanity in general never learns, and Mother Nature has to punish us for it!

Anyway …

20 years ago, I remember my girlfriend at the time, (she had the loveliest feet ever – and was also the one that kept telling me to seek counseling!) shrieking out loud after I came back from a routine early morning class.

“Baby, look at what they’re doing!” 

And as the graphic visuals played out on TV, thats what I did i.e look, stunned as everyone was.

Classes were canceled, folks called to make sure I was OK (and that she was too) – the oil scares occured (I remember the long lines of cars waiting to get gas in case war with the Saudis broke out – at the time, the thinking was “we’ll go into Saudi” – not necessarily just Afghanistan!) … and of course, MAdam saying fuck it all, and getting drunk with me later. Hehe.

That day sure changed everything, and a lot of people.

And as the catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan plays out, with women in general returning to the ghastly rule under the “Tele-Ban” I gotta say, its all come full circle, like Goddess Priyanka, or my “Ms” told me so often!

Or, as I write about in the Sequels to Serving an Indian Goddess!

That university was where I met her. Jyoti!

Anyway … that was a great time i.e. back in the day …

In 98, I remember wacking off to the girls I saw all day outside in bed at night – and then cleaning up “quickly before roomie came home”.

Being SO damn horny I’d jerk off in the college bathrooms (apparently my friend Rueben would too) – and faggots peering at me through the stall doors (ugh!).

And looking at girls’s feet, and my friend once telling me.

“You’d suck her toes, wouldn’t you!”

But I was confused about my sexuality, embarassed about my needs, and constant clamors of counseling et c- well, what a SEA CHANGE TODAY, as the “Real Mc Coy of femdom and everything fetish related” writes to you! 

It was always there in me

I just never let it come out!

Much like I never do my orgasms or cum, hehe.

Much like femdom is innate to ALL Women, you just have to let it EMERGE.

And the tips in the world famous book on it, reviews from BOTH REAL MAN AND WOMEN, not just horny Bozos looking to get their rocks off – well, they’ll show you – the budding cuck, sissy and footboy (hey, I speaketh from a place of experience, I remember at the age of 19 looking at my roommate in underwear and wanting to suck his dick, of course, as mentioned in Cuckold Compilations, that happened too – exceppt not with him – and of course, in the book “Meeting Miss Chen“!) … how to truly ATTRACT – on AUTO PILOT, with NO EFFORT (yes, no conscious effort!) femdom to YOU, my friend.

Other than that 20 years down the line, has anything really changed?

Social media has brought alternative sexuality out in the open, but it was always there for those who wanted it, I believe …

I dont know, what can I say!

But in that philosophical bent of mind, I’ll sign off by saying this.

I said on Twitter too.

Life as a sissy and simp or  footboy and cuck is so much FUN!

Embrace it, friend!


Mike Watson

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam tincidunt elementum sem non luctus. (thats what I sound like when I suck cock, in case you didnt know, hehe).

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