The perfect antidote to an argument (and hey, it happens) – with Goddesses running Queendoms – and why it happens!

Why does it happen?

Well many reasons, but as Madam Luna, a lovely older lady throws a fit and deletes yours truly – well, I gotta say it.

Sometimes, women are FRUSTRATED.

The natural reaction any “real” or otherwise man would have is to fight it, but I don’t HAha.

I made my point. (which was basically her asking me about my past, while she didnt tell me hers).

Remember, boy! She never needs to answer any questions, but you do!

Femdom rule #1!!!!

And she’s right. Hehe.

But anyway, she accused me of many things which I’m not.

I didnt accuse her at all of anything.

I made my point, and then … (actually, she started with “I dont want to chat with you!” and I just said, OK Madam! – I said this thrice).

And later …

“Yes, you’re always right, Madam”

“You’re the most honest, the best, etc etc … “

Which she then deleted me.

But why most women GET into a foul mood in the first place?

Because no real man is giving to them, my friend.

Bottom line!

Women are wired differently from men.

Men – th eminority that gets it – can transmute their sexual energy, jerk off, or have sissy-gasms galore – better than female orgasms – women can’t!

Plus, the emotional factor …

(which every sissy should be – emotional – sissy rule #1 not mentioned in the book!!!!!)

But anyway, it happens mostly due to those reasons, my friend.

NOTHING else, especialyl if you’re talking perfect Madams like MAdam “Aurora” I met, who cooly said she is not a Princess.

“I’m the King and Queen!”

She’s right, hehe.

“Of your Queendom, I replied!”

And then I asked her, what are you, Madam?

Or sorry, what am I?

“Soldier”, she replied.

Of course, I had to bring up the Gladiator, soldier – slave – and what not ……………… Hehe.

But anyway, if I were to talk Luna?

I’d add her again.

I’d calm her down.

I’d apologize anywy.

I’d kiss her feet.

I’d press her head, shoulders, and wash her feet, and beg to buy her shoes anyway.

Because end of the day, even though she’s not, she’s always right, BOY!

Another cardinal rule right there.

Back to the Queens and their Queendoms, hehe.


Mike Watson

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