Sissy confession #5, Long thick DONGS, men shooting POWERFUL LONG LOADS – usually from thick STRAIGHT DONGS!

MASTER, thank you so much!

YES, thank you!

I’m writing this bit even before the title, which Ill put in NOW.


Where do I even begin with this – I guess all the sexy men I’ve been seeing as of late, especially as Megan sissifies me like NEVER before -their SLIM SEXY STOMACHS I’d SO KISS (as described here), their lovely PUBES, that lovely .. CHEST – and puffy nipples – oh my!

And they’ve all, as my ex said so rightly all those years ago – got –

“Honey, why is that slimmest guys have the biggest dicks”?

Or, in Chinese “pang ren qui dian” 

(fat man have small penis, the reverse is true too!).

Visual effect or not, more blood flow or not, it’s SO TRUE!

Anyway ….

In Sin City Diaries, one of the Volumes – I cannot remember which one – I mention the tale of yet another massage worker who was supposed to give me a handjob but PULLED HER hand back in UTTER AND SHEER DISGUST (and ANGER!) when I gently nudged her hand down ther.e

She was more than happy to flick my nipples. Oh my!

But the anger in her eyes when I moved her pristine lovely palms to my dong – oh my!

She wouldn’t even touch it.

And the way she looked at me, I shot a load- not quite till the ceiling, but a huge load as those lovely fingers flicked my NIPPLES – nipplegasms, my friend, nothing like them!

(I was jerking my own pathetic cock too, hehe, while paying HER for it)

(and believe it or not she demanded MORE money later in a bored manner, like, pay up anyway, sissy!)


I love women like that.

And anyway, at the time I came, I still remember her instinctively jerking her head back.

Some guys really SHOOT loads, as that ex of mine once so sagely taught me.

“I’ve been with guys that have shot at the ceiling fan!”

Yours truly shoots loads, but never that powerfully. And these days of course, all of it is sissy dribble!

Or, cum in pant …

Or, when Megan taunts me, a combination of a sissygasm and a roaring need to “release in pant”, and I just do!

Like a real girl, the stickiness SPREADS as I think of COCK!

But anyway …

she was right – both ladies were!

And I remember when I sucked Jeremy off that day, Ma’am … the first time he came, he came VIOLENTLY, literally so much that his load splashed on his face!

Ma’am, I was inexperienced then (but he said I did a good job!)

And ma’am, I’d lick his butthole all night if it was me right now, I did pull his pants down for round #2, but then I felt “guilty”, now, i’d just gussy my lovely lips up more for his lovely, thick straight DONG!

And those are the ones that tend to shoot POWERFUL LOADS!

Well my friend, that is sissy confession #5, I’m about to make it to Madam Megan, I’ll let y’all know what she says, probably the infamous “oh my god red wincing face”. Hehe.

And, dongs are so nice, and they’re of so many types, real faggots and sissies should be well versed in how not just to serve cock, but each TYPE OF DONG!

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, my friend, is a life changing course that teaches you how to suck cock RIGHT (no, how it’s shown in porn is NOT right!) – get it NOW.

And, at the same time, remember to pick up Penis Central, level Two in dong worshipping, because you’ll truly get to know about 25 different types of dongs, and how to best segue and please each one of them the best!

Trust me, much like you’ll never have a shortage of REAL FEMDOM in your life post getting “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – get the above two, you’ll never have a shortage of lovely dongs in your life either!


Mike Watson

P. S – Ma’am, in Sissy Confession #3 o or 4, I told you about Jerome’s dong. It was just like the ones above! And I still remember, he once shot STRAIGHT in my eye – Maam, my eyelashes even stuck together! What a DONG, what a LOAD, what a powerful cumshot from that male God!

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