When she’s tired, and on her “period” . . . .

So, more on femdom . . . in REAL LIFE!

This is a subject I haven’t really gone into a lot. Well, I have on occasion, but not a lot of times . . .

And I’d like to start off by saying this.

There’s a lot of talk about “women being on the rag” or women “should be avoided when on their periods”, and so forth.

And while some of it is good natured, a lot of is NOT, and is usually chavunist BS.

A period, to me, has always been a NATURAL biological function, and to me, on par with going to the bathroom, for instance (or for females, maybe doing makeup, getting their legs waxed etc, all those things that ladies normally “do”).

And while sex might or might not be possible during periods (well, certainly and probably NOT when the flow is heavy!) – I can tell you ONE thing.

A LOT of girls get really horny during this time!

Not to mention tired, and exhausted and moody . .  .

And I understand.

I’d probably be the same if my body did something similar. Hey, even a real man orgasm makes me moody and down for days, so why wouldn’t something WORSE happen to a lady during that time of the month?

My advice to guys – serve her normally, and even MORE during this time!

And my SO right now is lying down on her side, in shorts, her expression anything BUT “sexy”. Not in the mood for sure, but I’d SO love to massage her, and lick her ass right now . . .

And truth be told, I’ve done that before too (albeit when the flow was starting to abate).

She was a little hesitant initially about the tampon part.

“Yes, Mike, I’m wearing, but . . . “

“Madam, isn’t it my job to remove it, and put a new one on?”

She hesitated.

But if I can worship her asshole and clean it reverently each morning after she goes, why not this?

And whats so “dirty” about it anyway provided all proper precautions and steps are taken?

Hmm! She replied, without any yes or no. I did it anyway.

And then I licked her asshole for the better part of an hour, and being that was the time I DID occasionally have sex with her (as opposed to being caged and denied; the next level; hehe) – we had some of the best sex ever!

Anyway, I’m off to do dishes now and then the laundry. But if she’s on her period – boy – look upon it as a blessing – not a curse!!


Mike Watson

PS – Read all about how I went to the next level right HERE – Sissy Central

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