15 minute foot massages throughout the day.

I got this idea while the lovely Bhagwati was pressing my feet in a dark room. In fact, I’m in bed with my feet on her lap writing this, as she’s looking down submissively in that cute obedient manner…my! Truly a smart woman is she.

I often, fitness wise (and you’ll read about this in Sissy workouts) champion the idea of short bursts of exercise throughout the day.

25 squats between calls.

40 pushups. A few pull-ups. Repeat all day long, you’ll be in awesome shape in no time if you’re not LAZY – which most people are.

Same concept applies to Doms and subs.

One of the best thing you can do for your Dominant is to let him or her LEAD and control in all aspects of life.

You’re there to serve.

And massaging your dominants feet throughout the day, legs, back – neck – feet – whatever he or she wants has an incredibly positive and rejuvenating effect on BOTH of you.

You, the sub, get what you CRAVE. Abject servitude throughout the day – the Don gets it too.

And it relaxes the Dom,frees his it her mind up to think more – create a better life for both of you together.

With me it’s mostly foot and shoulder massages throughout the day – the latter of course with Bhagwati turns into nipple flicks on auto pilot – hehe – but I enjoy that too! I absolutely ADORE females that the first thing they do after pulling the penis head back (that sexy and cute curiosity when they like a man “I want to see the HEAD!”) is a quick nipple FLICK. Hehe.

And that’s the short but concise message here. Apply to whatever your Dom prefers ..

And that’s that.

On another note – a much underrated book series we have Krystal the Teaching Assistant that was anything BUT!- fits the vibe of all we have been discussing as of late perfectly. It’s the Chinese version of Serving an Indian Goddess – which of course is far better known – and if you’ve read the latter and enjoyed it (I’ve not known ONE single person that’s read it and hasn’t – including vanilla folks!) – then you should get this book series too – you’ll enjoy it!

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

PS – Bhagwati truly is a spectacular lady – a dominating (with most) force of nature to be RECKONED with. Hence the odes to her. You’ll love these – guaranteed!

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