“Dont complain if the backside is loose, boy!”

So said my lovely SO this afternoon – she had prepared something for lunch, something uber delicious.

And while I won’t let on what it is, it was something where the “base” has to hold together – sort of like a pancake does, except this time, although the taste was the same, the base wouldn’t hold together, it was crumbling away -and why?

Well, apparently we didn’t have a certain ingredient that Madam Lucy once used in an omelette

For those that didn’t click the link above, I’ll let your imagination run LOOSE – and be the judge(ess) on this one, hehe.

But anyway, it tasted great, to me food has always been about taste -not LOOKS.

And that comment made casually by her as she buzzed off someplace really got me going – ROARING with lust as it were, as these off the cuff remarks, off the cuff body movements often do!

The best photographs, they say, are taken UNAWARES.

Same thing for femdom, fetish, life ; when it just happens, it’s the best!

Sure, subconsciously you can set things up that way.

Loose? Tight?

Madam, I love loose backsides, and tight ones too!

And hers is loose.

I’ve worshipped and kissed SO MANY loose buttcheeks, it’s such a pleasure and honor!

Their rosebuds are ALL pristine.

it’s never about looks, age or “beautiful or not” when it comes to femdom, findom etc – and blessed is the male who understands this – really understands it. Precious few do, I get tired of repeating it, or maybe I dont, but some people never understand.

Thats fine. They’ll never experience the real “fruits” of either of the above or anything related.

I’m reminded of Madam Angie here …remember her? Hehe. An over the hill lady that added plenty of men out of the blue, no-one but me responded (probably true!) – and of course, she went in FULL BLAST.

I was going for a massage.

“Shouldn’t you pay for my lunch!” popped up the message. I barely even knew her at that point, but that over the hill lady was SO attractive to me at that point, I’d have paid to kiss her rosebud all afternoon long, drink the water with which I washed her feet, and more!

You know the feeling..

And back to asses, loose, tight, in between, they’re all- SO NICE!

Ass Worship 101 was a long overdue course, but now thats it out – good going is what I keep telling myself.

And of course, the other body part people – especially cucks and sissies love – DONGS!

Cock Worship for Sissies and faggots is making waves across the world already; now it’s Dong – or Penis – Central – that is doing the same.

one builds on the other.

You simply MUST get these books.

Do so now.

Get your worship on NOW.


mike Watson

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