Goddess Guan Yin = perfect Goddess VENUS? Whose more perfect, hehe.

It’s a toss up!

I remember once asking a friend of mine (jokingly) “who was more brutally honest than me”.

If it were a competition between Donald Trump and myself, I asked, who would win? 

I think Trump!

And he laughed, and replied with th efollowing –

Not a foregone conclusion, my friend!

He was right. Hehe.

But anyway, Perfect Madam Venus! I gave her the name, and yes, it’s THAT Venus!

Money is more important, boy!

I lik eman and money, but money more!

She makes it into Sin City Diaries Volume #3, I believe, for a damned good reason.

You on this list need to get that book now if you ain’t already, but last night, I was thinking o fher, a minor argument we had.

She wouldn’t reply to any of my questions.

Instead, despite everything I said, she kept replying with this.

“What did YOU give me, boy!” 

And this was after all the findom!



Or, I Should say in the titl eof the post, I was going to – is Goddess Guan Yin = Godess Nicole Chan? 

Madam, it might well be!


Anyway, I thought of Venus last night.

I thought of her climbing Guan Yin Mountain as well – a TOUGHIE, but she did it

(of course, her feet had to be soaked in water for days. Hehe. But I enjoyed that! ;)).

Sissies love serving their Masters and Mistresses, or was the other way around, or can Mistress be Master? NOT the other way around, hehe.

But anyway…

I thought of Goddess Nicole first thing I woke up.

Guan Yin is the Buddhist GOddess of Mercy, if I’ve got it right!

And Mercy is the last thing I expect or want any of those Chinese Goddesses I wrote about to show ME!

Whether it’s the ball Torture Princess Krystal and her friends inflicted, or the extreme cuckolding Empress Cody did, or what Aa Ling did to me..

Madam, I want more!

I’m the best submissive ever!

And I’m the MOST qualified to bring you all this, by far!

Anyway, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, nothing better than curling up with one of my books.

Remember what I told Madam Alexa all those years ago …

(I’m pasting from memory, but you can find it ifyou search)

Madam, I’d so love for you to sit in a rocking chair, slapping me with each rock to the BACK OF MY HEAD, your feet in warm water, A/C running, and me pressing your legs as you read… 

She read Owned by Madam Aa Ling.

I Still remember my fingers quivering as I typed it out on Wechat!

So will yours friend.



Mike Watson

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