Are men more entertaining when they’re a “little gay”?

The way a lovely lady, I forget her name, on Twitter worded it – is sage(ess!).

Yes Ma’am, you’re spot on – it is more entertaining – but only if it’s a LITTLE GAY!

Which in effect translates to “being gay for her, liking cock etc”, but perhaps not so much that you’d want a gay or same sex partner “in a relationship” as it were.

That is what I’ve gone hoarse telling people – in Cuck Central first, and all my other books – LABELS don’t count.

It’s the WAY in which you use words – and the vibe behind them – that truly counts, and DOES IT.

As for the whole gay tag, I’ve debunked it thoroughly – I suspect others have too. You might be a lot of things if you as a man like to suck cock, but to hammer the “gay” tag flat out on a guy for that is “illogical” to me – I won’t say right or wrong, but illogical, because truly “gay” to me is someone who wants a romantic relationship with someone of the same gender, and when we’re talking most sissies for one ,that simply is not the case! (nothing wrong with it if it were to be though, hehe – as I’ve detailed in the Empress Cody books!)

But at the same time, Madam Megan calling me a gay? A faggot?

“Are you feeling a little gay? ?” she once tittered when I first brought up my (after she turned me into a girl so expertly) love for long dongs of every size, shape and color! 

And, as I literally came in my pants when she laughed at me for being gay – literally – those two huge sissy-cum-nipple-gasms I had, I was thinking – yes, it does entertain her!

And it does most women. Hehe.

Madam Wendy being another prime example.

Think about it, an outwardly alpha male, you’ve no idea of his preferences (except for the “Ma’am” part, hehe) – and then all of a sudden you do – it’s funny, especially given the way most men aren’t open at all to being called out (or admitting) their own same sex fantasies!

I still remember a friend of mine who’d spam wechat groups with dick pics and claim “it was for fun”.


It wasnt. Hehe. Except I never told him that, or the usual idiotic macho backlash would occur …

But think about it – women are far more open in that regard to same sex relationships – to actually, you know – TALKING as opposed to just sex (which might lead up to it) – and it’s women that are expected to “be with other women” a lot of times (for men) – so why not the other way around?



Lots of older Chinese ladies would agree with me on this one.

As for the dick sucking part, and the “gross” part …

“You’re envious!” giggles Madam Megan when I send her long dicks! (initially she was just curious “you have a dick, they do too, why are you looking at them”)

“You can find a gay man”, she giggles. Hehe.

The main thing is, it amuses her – and it’s her laughing at me that not only just gets me off – it really does it, her amusement – but it’s also what really counts!

And, making her laugh is one of the oldest “tricks” in the book as well, except it’s not a trick as she enjoys it too.

I so love it when Madam giggles at me anyway!

And that, to me does it. Hehe.

Thats an early morning email from me, i dont know if it makes much sense, I suspect it does.

But I do KNOW – for a FACT – that Sissy Central makes plenty of sense, and thats why it’s a bestseller bar none!

Get this book now, budding sissies.

You’ll never look back!


Mike Watson

PS – The key is to be a “little” gay, not full blown. Hehe.

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