Long dicks, long FEET, plumbing issues, and why we NEED YOU cucks around!

Sometimes, my little friend, we dont just “want” you.


Uncle Sam needs you, hehe.

I should say Mike Watson and his lovely Goddesses need you, and all the other closet ball suckers, dick lickers – was that the other way around – around …

And no, not just to lick my lovely long phimotic cock up and down so it stays hard

I dont have much of a problem either with length – girth – staying hard – or knowing how to use it, which is what counts.

No, cuck. Those two seconds wham bangs don’t satisfy her, and deep down inside, you know very well what she wants – and even YOU want it, boy. To go for hours like studs do …

And to have people worshipping your cock!

But anyway, an ex once told me the following about the long cocks you so love … 

You know, those slim LONG cocks .. dangling inf ront of you … 

Thats great, she said. But what about the plumbing issues these dudes have later in life? 


And a good point .. and it’s true.

“All that looks good isn’t gold, my friend”.

But anyway, where do you fit in cuck?

It’s because of this.

I’ve spoken about sissygasms before, and I’ve spoken of how these can take you levels of bliss you’ve never experienced – so much so that even if you’re into regular sex, you’ll never want it again after you experience it the way I teach you to – and you’ll (if you’re SMART) program you rmind to “cum without touching yourself”.

Thats right.

A THOUGHT can make your P SPOT THROB – with pleasure!

But for us studs, thats why we need you cucks.

Our Goddesses dont like sticking fingers in there unless theyre blowing us.

But for you cucks out there, the purpose isn’t so much to get me off sexually, but the medical aspects of P spot gasms, which are often overlooked.

Believe me, the initial few techniques aren’t just great for sexual pleasure.

They’re great for solving the following problems –

Erectile Dysfunction 

Lack of sexual desire

Low energy and drive in LIFE – and in BED, cuck

Urinary problems 


And much, much more … 

Trust me, there is a reason the harems of girls in ancient China and India used to administered these to their KINGS on a regular basis.

So get you some now, cuckie!

You’ll get plenty of loads, thats for sure!

(and who knows, you might turn into a stud someday too, hehe).

Keep dreaming, and best,


PS – Here is the link again.

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