It was one of the greatest honors ever, Madam Jojo!

Truly so!

There are so many of them, of course, and as the cover of Humiliation Central pops up on my Twitter (which you guys really SHOULD be following) – I’d say kissing Princess Joanie’s feet – 10 times for each toe – in public – even though they were covered up initially, before she, to the huge amusement of her two friends took off those heels and plonked her left foot down right SMACK on the back of my head!) …

… That was one!

But this is About Jojo – Madam Jojo – the high powered lawyer from Shanghai I once wrote about!

“You need to come to Shanghai NOW!”

(I was in Southern China at the time, and the finality with which she said it – oh my!).

She was getting her back massaged, of course. In a salon.

We all know how good a back massage feels, my friend.

The tired muscles of the back, usually overworked and ignored – being KNEADED – the TRAPS, my oh my, the tension being kneaded out of the traps, as you lie there, relaxed, with someone doing it for you …

… Which of course, brings to mind ONE memory – a Bollywood flick I once watched, the lovely Mamta Kulkarni lying on her back, commanding her “servant” (female maid, so she thought!) to rub her back right after a shower!


“Peet Malish Kar!” 

Said with the same haughty tones Indians usually use for their domestic help (sad, but true, and some of the comments from Westerners on these real life situations being so hilarious – someone from the UK, probably that idiot Bozo Schofield wrote in on a public newspaper in India “Some of us westerners in the UK like being servants! Bring us to India, let the family treat us like dirt!”) …


Madam,  if I was there, I’d be rubbing your back all day, WITHOUT a minute’s delay after your shower, so that lovely skin stays MOISTURIZED – as you deserve, I’d do with head bowed!

Of course, there was no female servant in the movie there. Hehe. Thats a different and rather funny tale!

But as soon as I heard Jojo say that – oh my.

“Ma’am, PLEASE”, I literally BEGGED. “Ma’am, please, please, I beg you, allow me to do your feet while the girl does your back!”

She sent over a satisfied smirk, and repeated the line above, except more arrogantly!

Go to Shanghai I did, I still remember the giggles of the salon worker who surreptitiously allowed the foreign devil in into a girls only (strict!) salon .. and me kneeling on the floor, Massaging Jojos lovely tired soles, as they both laughed at me and mocked me (and as Jojo Madam enjoyed the best of both worlds!).

(Surreptitiously, much like the massage worker in China who called me a faggot laughingly – oh my, what PRIME degrADATION, as I paid her to massage me! – I Dont know where that came from – vibes! – allowed me into the massage salon to be “massaged”. Hehe. But she was safe, I love cock! Hehe.)

(she gave me a WONDERFUL HJ with nipple play though – all mentioned in the book!)

I came in my pants too then. Hehe. As I often (sissy) do!

Cum in pant, boy! 

But anyway ……….

There is another lady Juju, a younger version of Madam Jojo – and she will be mentioned in an upcoming book, Joyce, the Ultimate Queen! 

As for me?

Well, one last thing left to say.

I still remember one lady remarking the following years ago when I was at a salon with my then girlfriend, watching and waiting patiently for her to get her hair done and legs waxed.

No fetish, we were in a mall, I was just waiting to go home, so I waited with her, as opposed to outside as most guys would choose…

“Thats real love!”

Maybe it was.


I Do know it’s real sissy love – and conditioning.

sometimes, that is how it should be!

And on that lovely note, I’ll let you be.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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