The dream I had last night about Rueben’s asshole..

I’ve mentioned him before, haven’t I?

Yes, I have – THIS is where!

And he shows up in many other books of mine as well, I believe Penis Central being one of them too – Cuckold Compilations, maybe – I can’t remember – and another guy Kendrick shows up with his LONG and thick “elephant” dong in “Meeting Ms Chen“!

And more..

Speaking of which it’s funny, but I had no idea elephant dicks were prehensile – that popped up on my Twitter yesterday.

With a video of the pachyderm walking – the dong “dangling” – apparently it can be used as a fifth leg too – to grab on to branches etc.

Interesting, I never knew that – no, I’m not referring to the elephant in a sexual sense here before you jump to conclusions…

But with humans?

A certain Jerome and Madam Su? Hehe.

Those dongs have a life all of their own, especially the ones that stand SO proud and erect, bobbing up and down even AFTER CUMMING that hot, sticky, SPLASHY, semen load – my, I can SMELL It while writing now!

So do Madam’s soles. We’ve been over all that before too! Hehe.

Anyway ……….. last night?

I was kissing his lower back, his ass, then finally parted it to reveal the TREASURE within – the asshole!

And it was cruddy – my!

REALLY cruddy, and I remember even pulling something out of my teeth as I licked his hole lovingly, as I followed all the tips I give you in Ass Worship 101, as he was literally MOANING in pleasure and ecstasy – ass worship feels good to both males and females, but rim a male properly, with his P spot being stimulated externally – he’ll be in heaven – truly!

Anyway, there were a lot of other dreams last night.

Most slipped my mind upon waking up, not sure why.

But … I’ve written before about serving Madam Aa Ling’s old mother – and her old cruddy ass too!

Here is where you can read about that – . .

Incredibly erotic, even if you aren’t into D/S – ass worship adds an element of that into the sexual play anyway!

I still remember a friend of mine Aaron saying “if she’s fine enough, I’ll LICK that ass!”


Lots of men love doing it, having it done to them … Lots of ladies too!

But you have to do it right, my friend.

And if you want to enter the blissful world of ass worship and rimming – either as a giver or receiver – then much like with penis worship – you have to learn HOW.

And Ass Worship 101 teaches you HOW.

Get this course NOW.

Truly mindblowing in more ways than one, youll NEVER think about asses and assholes the same way again!


Mike Watson

PS – NO mention of assholes would be complete without mentioning Pooja Memsahib … JI! This book is literally taking the world by STORM. Get it now – blase and debase like NO OTHER OUT THERE!

All of our Indian femdom books are EXTREMELY popular, of course. For a damn god – good – goodess – hehe – reason!

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