Paye Lagu, Mai Baap

I’ve spoken about the power of the “Paye Lagu, Memsahib” chant (or saying) – for those in the know, and especially yours truly!

If there is one thing that Goddess Priyanka, the lovely Ms, the one and only PRIYANKA Madam JI SEARED into my conscious and subconscious it is the above!

And . . . while she made me say “Malkin” (Mistress in Hindi, or “owner”, much like you’d say you’re a dog owner! ?), her friends would often make me say “Memsahib”.

Sahib, and Memsahib are originally Indian (Hindi) words but they’re probably a very known entity to a lot of folks from the U.K, or at least the older bunch, hehe.

It started when the Brits colonized India, and while “sahib” or “memsahib” was a popular way to say “Sir” or “Madam” even before that it soon began to be associated with FAR more than that.

It began to be associated with DOMINANCE. Sheer, innate, inborn dominance, that of the Brits in general over their “Colonized” folks, and to this date, although the Brits left a long time ago, the usage persists.

And now, it’s Indians that use the term towards their indentured servants . . . or white inferiors such as yours truly!! ?

What a twist in the tale, eh.

Maybe that’s why I wrote a long, long bit about “coming full circle” in the Sequels to this immensely popular series.

And much like the usage of “Sir” in the colonized South in the U.S. by blacks at the time brings up memories of sheer submission (and in that case it wasn’t good, as it wasn’t with the Indian colonization either!), so do the above two sayings for me.

And the third is the subject of today’s email, and  is something servants often say to their Masters and Mistesses even until this day and age in India, if just to prove their sheer inferiority and “docile submission” towards their rightful superiors!

Yes, it’s sad but slavery (or something akin to it) exists in the subcontinent even today (as you can see from my “Paye Lagu Ma Ji” post as well!).

But when it’s done to the right people, in a GOOD way, as Ms did to me . . . oh boy!

Right as of this moment, my SO just returned from the hot outdoors.

She kicked off her shoes, and sat down in front of the computer.

Legs at right angles to each other.

And I so wanted to kiss, lick and worship that SOLE she’s showing without knowing it!  ?

And I so wanted to dig my nose deep inside her ass, her lovely ASSHOLE and worship her sweaty ass like there is no tomorrow.

Being that she is working on the computer, I won’t disturb her for now, hehe.

Maybe tonight.

But for now, that’s what prompted me to write this post, and if she’d tweak my nipples right now, I’d drop down gladly, and utter the following!

“Paye Lagu, Mai Baap!”

And she’d laugh at me and stare at me in that deliciously sexy way only SHE has!

OK, enough of this. Hehe.

If these sort of stories turn you on, you’ll love to read about how Chinese girls dominate me and have so well in the past right here –


Mike Watson

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