Sharing that passion …

. . . is what it’s all about!

These things, indeed, what this site talks about so much are passions that never go away – no matter how much you might ignore them – or try and suppress them.

No matter how much you might try and “change for others” – it ain’t gonna work.

It’s part of who you are, for good, bad, worse, or better, or best …

And you might as well ACCEPT IT!

The why’s are not important here, but a while back I wrote a piece about “those desires that never go away” – this was very well received by many a supporter!

Anyway – other than my Twitter list, and the list on here – something you guys should know about (a lot of you do, actually) is my Medium list.

It’s growing pretty quickly, and there’s lots and lots of great stuff on there too- all free to read if you’ve got a Medium membership (two stories, I believe are free to read per month even if you do not).

A few days ago, I wrote about a memory that never goes away – I’d never want it to, but even if I did, it wouldn’t go away

Jyoti Ma’am, that lovely lady on whom Serving an Indian Goddess is based – another TRUE STORY.

That sneer, that LILT To her voice, those lovely FEET, the toenails painted BRIGHT RED … my oh my!

It sparked Serving an Indian Goddess (ultimately I gave the heroine of the book the name “Priyanka” – based on another gorgeous Indian lady in movies “Priyanka Chopra” – another Goddess!) … and many, many other books!

That was when I was 19, in college, those memories never go away, and part of them – well, it’s detailed in THIS piece.

(I was literally shivering with lust as I WROTE IT. It’s been years and years since it happened, but the memories always run so FRESH!)

A must read, you’ll love it.

And, a reader “G Lee” wrote back on this!

As a fellow foot lover, I enjoy your stories and share your passion. Thank you. There are too few of us on here.

He’s right!

And so, I thought I’d share the story above …

Another one that seems to be quite popular is this one – Why I never, ever, want a real man orgasm any more! 

I’ll be sharing more “by and by” – for now – my response to G Lee –

No problem – thank you for the kind words!! Yes, its indeed a passion – something that wells up DEEP within; something that can never ever be suppressed. . .

Which was of course the primary reason for starting and!

Which stories and themes do you like best? Just curious – and thanks again for the feedback – much appreciated!

(there’s lots of people out there that like feet, femdom etc but you’re right in that too few of us that actually “share” our passion!).

Jyoti (Madam) was great – it’s been YEARS since I saw her, the memories are still so fresh tho! Hehe.

Anyway – the same things hold true for YOU too, my dear reader!

Write back, tell me what YOU want to see on the site, what themes youd like me to write about next, the next tales (although I’ve got plenty on my plate right now as I keep saying – I’ll do my best to “accomodate you!”) …

Last but not least, Stephanie Ma’am, a trans lady who is SO DOMINATING, so NICE!

Giving the rest of whoever doesnt like her transition the finger. IT’s so nice!

I had to post some odes to her, I did –

You are so nice, Ma’am. I just had to say that again, and thank you!

My apologies, this thing timed out while I was writing. Nah, just the way you come across, those lovely slim lips, your lovely lipstick – of course, the satiny smooth skin on … well I best not go there! But, most of all, your lovely, lovely mind. Thank you for the middle finger, albeit not to me. So, MUCH appreciated – Madam (perfect) Stephanie! That look in your eyes truly makes me so weak!

I just had to apologize to ma’am!

It would be an honor to pull her pants down, beg to do it, and PLEASURE her, lick her asshole for hours, suck the lovely dong I’m sure she has (cut, I’m sure) …

She’s so NICE!

And sorry. but, I cant praise you enough. Hehe. Fan for life? ?
Which I am!
It’s all about the PASSION that never goes away …. never will, and I’d never want it to!
Paye Lagu, Memsahib.
You’re so nice!
Mike Watson

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