Why I so want my Indian maid to play with, flick my NIPPLES…..!

To sum it up one way – as I put it in Sin City Diaries, as Madam Liao “awoke” the long dormant and oh so delicious memories of my ex in America sucking my LEFT nipple (she was the one that awakened me to the JOYS of nipple play!! OH MY! Those orgasms she gave me!) (without sex, even once!) …

.. for sheer bliss, bar none!

As far as the Indian maid goes?

Those lovely dark coal black forearms, strong from years of doing physical labor, the straight legs – the waist that has STRENGTH – yet SEX – in it – the way she looks at me – the VIBES – all of it, I’ve written about it before, I believe!

Yes I have.

I knew she gave massages before she told a S.O. of mine she did!

I would have said “I told you so” to my S.O. But that might not have gone over too well! Hehe. She always knows all! 😉 (my SO) …

She’s an older lady, hair greyed from years of work … 

I could care less, I want that hair open, her mask OFF! (so I can kiss her deeply…)

Her feet, well, they’ve nice – BROAD!

(just like mine. Hehe. Girlss feet!).

Now, you might think I want to be her maid, as she squats down beside me every time I tell her something!

I do.


So I told her to sit on my lap (Ah, the subcontinent, and the way servants are mistreated, it’s just terrible it persists till this day!).

And what I want more than anything else right now?

All I want is for her to give me a gentle massage, maybe even less, and those lovely FINGERS, older fingers, calloused, STRONG forearms … on my chest!

And my nipples!

That strong hand jerking my dick up and down…

But even if that wasn’t there, I’d kiss her all day while she flicked my nipples, and preferably put a finger in my ass!

Madam, you wouldn’t even need to TOUCH my dick.

Not that you mind.

But sometimes, for sissies, it’s far more fun that way!

And the sheer BLISS gotten from nipple play properly – it’s almost, if not exactly – equal to a sissygasm, and it’s SO HARD to explain in words, but one MERE flick of the nipples, and you’re HERS!

perhaps THAT, along with the physical pleasure is what I love so much about it.

You’re so easy for her to control with nipples!

As for this tale, this, like most of my others, like the other tale I wrote about on Medium the other day (something I should have put in Serving an Indian Goddess, but never did) … it’s more TRUE than fiction, more reality than fiction!

Just a dose of creative license, perhaps, you decide.

On other fronts, Madam Megan asked me the following the other day.

“Can you lend me a loan!”


Madam, I’d lick your soles and BEG to give you money!

I’d press your legs all day long after the dance class she signed up (she needed it for that).

Madam knows it too I suspect, as she keeps telling me to sing “A little love” while she giggles. Hehe.

She’s so nice…

I feel so weak thinking about her – and women in general!

Maybe the feeling can be best summed up by what I describe in Submissive Musings, which every true femdom lover must get NOW.

And that, friend is that.

Back to doing … taxes. Ugh!



Mike Watson

PS – Nipples grow on you. Trust me, no other way to describe it, people say the PENIS head gets more sensitive with “use”, well, it MIGHT, it DOES, but nipples are that x 10!

Trust me, the BLISS!

And if you want to experience this bliss, know what I BE Talking about, do what I tell you in Nipplegasm Central, a course SO WORTH IT, x 100! YES!

Get this NOW.

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