Vickys white high heels . . .

This morning, I wrote about a (very rare indeed!) regret I had in terms of femdom.

Well, to be honest, it isn’t that rare . . . but it was pretty rare for me!

What do I mean?

Well, I wrote before about MISSED femdom opportunities HERE once (a must read for all of you guys into femdom that are NOT being able to attract the dominant lady of your dreams!)

And I wrote about it HERE as well. Yes, seperate pieces, and both well worth a read!

And . . . while in those cases there wasn’t a lot I could have done (or maybe I could, I don’t know- maybe I just didnt KNOW what to do)- there was one case in which I KNEW what to do, and yet for whatever reason it didn’t happen . . .

That lady was Madam Ivy Bao, a lady I still remember so fondly.

A lady that I met once while teaching English at a learning center (ugh, that job, but it does have it’s perks! Though I havent taught English in ages, those perks make me want to go back and do it, hehe) . . .

A lady that was wearing shorts and flip flops when I met her.

Extra short shorts. YUM! (Ms. Priyanka, anyone? ;)).

And of course, those lovely feet of yours. That SMILE, that open, sexy smile (open and sexy at the same time!) — and those intelligent, lovely eyes that looked directly and compassionately at me. . .

That helpful demanor, that lovely gait to her walk.

That lovely, sexy, SMILE of hers — again, I know! 😉

Know your place, BOY!

And it was truly with REGRET (and a tinge of nostalgia!) that I wrote my last post about her right HERE (when I say last post, I mean the last blast I sent out to my list; not the last piece I’ll ever do up on her!).

In fact, I’ll probably do up plenty of pieces on Madam (Goddess)Ivy Bao.

If she was here, I’d drop down and kiss her feet 100 times, not one time less.

10 times for each toe, boy!

And she’d KNOW why. One of the smartest ladies I’ve been priveleged enough to be with, and she KNOWS! 😉

And on that note, and I suddenly remembered, there is ANOTHER LADY that had the same impact upon me when we first met.

A while ago, last year in November I believe it was, I did a job I absolutely hated – a part time job.

You on this list probably know what I’m talking about, hehe.

YES – the dreaded and much maligned ESL (teaching English in China) – and of course, curiously enough, and as a long bevy of illuminary ladies would testify (Madam Aa Ling, Princess Krystal, and many others ?), these jobs have allowed me to meet ladies I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise, and experience things I would NOT have otherwise.

And as I sit here writing this, Madam Venus, her of Sin City Diaries, a REAL LIFE case study as it were comes to mind . . . and as I received a message this morning from Vicky, a message which upon reading it I KNEW something was up – and not for me, hehe.

You know how it is don’t you?

You get a message from someone which says nothing other than “Hi”.

A sort of “fishing” message to see if the other person responds, and if there is one thing I hate MORE than anything else, it is these type of messages, and I wrote about this to my other list. People that say “hi”, and then . . . CRICKETS. Nothing after that.

It’s obvious (to me at least) that they know they’re badgering (pumping) the other guy for information he doesn’t necessarily want to provide.

And so they “wait and watch” to see how the other guy responds, or if at all.

One of the silliest and most stupid tactics there is, and I never fail to call it out . . . except when it comes to Chinese ladies, of course!

“I have some questions I think you can answer! Does your country have a version of” asked Vicky.

And she asked this in such a direct manner that I knew what was up. Money, and business of course, but when I first met this lady at the monkey job I did in November, we hit it off instantly.

As it seemed I did with Madam Queenie, another “uber dominant” lady, and one that I have NOT written about here.

One whose name was given by her boyfriend because “his name was King”, and . . . !


And as for Vicky, she wore a simple white dress when she met me, had a figure to die for (but she doesn’t think so) and white high heels.

Or platforms, I should say. The heels weren’t that high at all to be honest . . . but they were still “high heels”.

And I’ve been chatting with her ever since . . . not femdom related.

And today, when I got her message, here was my response.

“Vicky, come sit on my lap. I’ve missed you!”


“You’re so smart, Madam Vicky! Always looking for new ways to make money!”

And I meant it, and that got a response.

“Do you want to be BEATEN?”


And as I told Madam, preferably with her high heels.

We’ll see how this pans out, but for now, it’s a nice start to the morning (which is when I got her message and promptly fell asleep – the many benefits of working for yourself, hehe) – and then the afternoon which is when I recharged my phone battery and saw the new messages from her.

And it brings me to another important lesson, one that I have been talking about all along.

That it’s all about MONEY, boy!

Make yourself USEFUL to her, and most of the time, that involves MONEY!

Make yourself useful. Give her business. Or just money. Buy her gifts (thank you so much, Madam Pearl) . . . and she might just give you the time of day, and then some.

And if she’s a Chinese lady, she might just take you “in hand” for the ride of your life, hehe.

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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