Lazy is good

Something that turns me on immensely (and indeed the vast majority of true subs and femdom lovers is this – the way femdom turns EXPECTATIONS on it’s head, and then some!

It’s always all about her and having her cake and eating it too, and the subs loving it.

And that’s what makes it so interesting for me, but often times, even dominant LADIES have a hard time grasping this concept (well, or least many of them do, hehe).

When I first started chatting to the lovely Madam Jojo (I should say IMPERIOUS Madam Jojo, whose always right no matter what – both vanilla and non-vanilla, if you can believe that!) … this was something that really, really stood out.

Madam kept saying one thing with a giggle.

“Really? But I’m a lazy girl!”

Note, of course, that Madam used the term “girl” – and if you’ve spent any time at all in mainland China you know that it’s always a toss up (even in vanilla terms, hehe) in terms of calling a lady Madam – or girl – or lady!

To us Westerners (or those of us that are GLOBAL citizens – truly such) this may be surprising, even shocking to a degree.

I mean, as I tell ladies (girls, sorry, Madam!) in mainland China, Madam is simply a polite way to refer to a lady! And it is, hehe – – with a twist in my case, of course.

But in Chinese (when that word translates apparently) it means “wife” or “partner”.

I know, I know. TIC. This is China!

And of course, the battle over calling her a girl or lady.

If she’s a lady, she assumes I mean she’s too old. If she’s a girl, she assumes she’s not being respected (as much as she should, hehe).

And calling married ladies Mrs isn’t permissible either, as the regal Miss Summer proved a couple of emails ago!

They’re always young, beautiful and “Miss” … and that’s the way it should be in true femdom.

This morning I came across a photo of “Angel”, a girl from Shanghai (part time lawyer no less – man, I wonder how I meet all these lawyers?? Hehe) who I’ve briefly spoken to in the past, and Madam has a picture of her in LESS than ideal shape – eating an ice cream no less – and writing a “lazy summer day” below it!

Or spring, perhaps, it was.

Now for the average person, this photo wouldn’t be of any interest whatsoever, my friend.

But for me, immediately, something sprung if you get my drift, something that Princess Tina has NOT caged as yet, hehe.

And I immediately wrote “Lazy is good!”

I don’t know what her response will be, but it should be interesting. I sort of suspect she’ll agree – but let’s see!

She’s a lady, by the way that added me out of the blue from some group and keeps demanding that I send biz her way.

Without even meeting her … without knowing a THING about her (she refuses to answer questions or provide credentials)

Hey, what can I say. It’s TRUE – and it’s REAL life, not PLAY – and that’s another thing that makes it so damned interesting!

And if you want to attract these sort of occurences, and lovely dominant LADIES into your life on a REGULAR BASIS, then get started by picking up the COMPLETE course on HOW to do just that, my friend.

Go HERE, and grab this course while it’s still on a “10% off” price, hehe.


Mike Watson

P.S. – The coupon code to use is Madam10. Be aware though, that I might pull the sale very soon indeed because of the way them skyscrapers have been RISING …

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