Her feet are too good to touch the ground!

Dear Reader

In a prior post, or perhaps several, I’ve spoken about the importance of tending to her feet – and caring for them as if they were special jewels – and making sure her feet are clean, pampered and pedicured at ALL times possible (which should be always!). 😉

And rightfully so too.

All Queens should have their feet tended to by slaves – and that holds true for the foot, toes, soles and calves as well – and the footwear too! 😉

Anyway, something that I’ve often wanted to do is enact a scenario with her where her foot is – LITERALLY – too good to even touch the ground. 

I’m not sure if I’ve written about this in any of my books (perhaps the Empress Cody series?? Not sure) – – but it’s a visual that is very dominant in my “submissive toolkit” – and one I’d love to enact someday.

Many years ago, I saw a Bollywood movie I did not quite understand in its entirety, but ONE scene stuck out.

That was a servant – an indentured servant of yore kneeling at his Master’s feet as he alighted from a “horse drawn” (I believe) buggy and cupping his palms and kneeling as the Master alighted – to place a heavy foot right there in his cupped palm (the foot was shod, mind you!) – before alighting from the buggy.

Though the man on man interaction isnt something that turned me on whatsoever (not in this regard, at least – cocks are a different thing altogether ;)) – the sheer SYMBOLISM of the scene stood out in my mind – and does until this day.

Cleopatra being carried around in a litter by barefoot slaves across the burning desert is another such scene – and truth be told, we only have to look at history to see many an example of what would be rightfully and normally considered a “deplorable” way to treat a fellow human – but would be considered the exact opposite in a fetish scenario!

“Take off my shoes, boy! The socks too!” – bellows an imperious lady that’s just come home from work – perhaps a.k.a Madam Simi!

Or, a kneeling servant at his Mistress’s feet as she reclines on a comfortable bed, with the servant kneeling on the hard floor, dutifully massaging the owner’s soles – and putting up with taunts all the while while doing so!

The one thing that stands out about this to me, is that her feet – are literally – too good to even touch the ground- and should be TREATED as such all the time – and so should SHE.

In Empress Cody I write about how yours truly would “open the car door” in public for the Empress – as well as other ladies I did NOT know – in a manner that could be described as subservient as best and degrading at worst – or more!

And though I enjoyed both DOING it – and writing about it, of course – I’d love to take it a step further and cup my hands under her feet as she alights from the car!

Much like a footstool to be totally ignored – but a footstool with a twist – available for her every whim and caprice – at her beck and call as it were!

Anyway, I wrote about Princess May’s feet the last post – and her feet truly DO look like they’re too good to step on the ground. I don’t know if I’ll ever have an opportunity to serve her in person – but then again – who knows!

It’s all about what we THINK about deeply- is what we attract – and I’ve spoken about that at length before, of course.

So that’s another great, great scenario for those interested – and you could perhaps follow that up by cleaning her boots with your clothing – yet another great way to humiliate yourself in front of her, and drive home HER dominance even further – – just as it SHOULD be! 😉

All for now. If you enjoyed this post, and if you enjoyed these role play scenarios – well – they’re just the very tip of the iceberg my friend (no pun intended).

I’ve got plenty more for you at Humiliation Central – dive in now – and write back and tell me how it goes!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Remember too, that what I write about are things I’ve actually DONE – and things you can do too. While it may not be practically possible to enact the initial scene I’ve mentioned above in real life, it certainly IS (and more!) possible to do what I’ve mentioned in Empress Cody! Ditto for what is mentioned in Humiliation Central – get your hands on it right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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