Leading from the bottom – as opposed to TOPPING from the bottom

There is a subtle difference between the two!

Way back in the day, when I met the lovely Pearl who I wrote Submissive Musings Volume One on (all true, by the way!) – she used to often ask me about the domination, cuckolding, humiliation etc in an “unsure” manner (though internally she was VERY sure, hehe) …

“Honey, do lovers treat each other like this?”


“Honey, does a girl who loves her man do this?”

I think y’all can figure out what my answer was. Hehe.

But it’s one thing to TEACH someone how to dominate – you have to be able to do it right yourself – on BOTH Ends of the spectrum first in order to do that.

It is quite another to “force” or “top from the bottom” (a certain “Bozo Schofield” tries to do that routinely – the results he gets, well, not just this list, but several others and the entire world pretty much knows it) …

I cannot tell you how much I “hate” – though I hardly ever use that word – the latter (or should I say LAUGH at too, hehe).

These fools truly dont know what they’re missing out on.

Then again, they wouldn’t think for themselves long enough to know…

With all that being said, here is a great, great review for Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – Volume Three.

From Paula again – enjoy!

Krystal – The teaching assistant 3. REVIEW

Chinese women hate a foreigner, because they don’t understand his English, but
what’s behind the scenes.

Well, a teacher hates his student, because he cannot satisfy his desire for him. In
the case of Mike, Chinese women want him very much, but they will not satisfy their
sexual desire for him, since they were taught in that training, that is, not to give
themselves for love, but for money. Mike knows this and exploits it very much in his
favor, since he manages to give them oral anal sex, makes them appear naked or
very provocative before him, of course the payment that Mike has to make, is to be
their servant, but his love is such for these females, don’t mind being their assistant,
their pedicure, their cook, their laundry, but how important is all this. He is there for
their eyes and the pleasure they make him feel all the time.

Thousands of people live longing for freedom, many of them sometimes do not know
what freedom is and much less how to use it, others manage to be free but what
they do with their freedom is to decide to be submissive people, why? Humanity
throughout its history has developed gods, myths and oligarchies that bring with
them submission to the masses, although these thousands of times bring with them
injustices, they must also give satisfaction to the masses, why? Perhaps human
beings by nature have a bit of masochism among us and that is why thousands of
people fall easily seduced by someone dominant in the case of couples, in addition
all the leaders that humanity has always had strength and desire to command ; There
has never been a submissive leader, he simply would not be a leader, even Gandhi
had to make his ideas known with perseverance without admitting doubts, otherwise
the Indian people would have persisted in seeking independence from Great Britain.
The masses succumb to the authoritarian, above all because they prefer security to
freedom, as long as the majority of human beings prefer to have less freedom in
exchange for security, as long as the masses do not want to fight for their
independence and want a state to solve their needs. There will be authoritarian
states, religions promising people heaven for being submissive, and couples
dominating their partners. More than due to masochism, ignorance or weakness, the
masses in all of human history succumb to authoritarianism, it is because those who
solve their problems, who guide their lives, who give them security grow old; In short,
the vast majority of human beings try to evade responsibility for their lives and for
this they look for something that dominates them, be it a religion, a political issue, a
dominant partner or others.

Good submissive reading!

Mike is a good teacher, you just have to follow in his footsteps.

Paula Banda Rendón.

Now, again – whew!

This lady is ONE serious thinker – hats off, Ma’am – or should I say Princess – or お姫様 as you just taught me! Hehe.

(Princess in Japanese is “Ohimesama”)…

And she has it SO spot on – yet again. So, so spot on! 

She is RIGHT – spot on about why the “masses” follow leaders – and why leaders are truly in the minority ,and HOW they lead. 

Confidence, repetition of the same chant, and SECURITY – YES! 

Most people would rather have a secure stable job their entire lives, for instance, than do what their heart cherishes and desires the most – and take the FALLS for doing so.

Most people would rather live in what essentially amounts to “sham” marriages from a satisfaction standpoint as opposed to actually – ADMIT their “deepest and darkest” (not always “dark” by the way, I’m using the term since society seems to love putting that tag on those of us that follow our HEARTS) desires…

Most people are risk averse.

Most people see problems – not solutions down the road.

And so forth.

In short – the sheep are more than willing to be led to the pastures – or the slaughters – so long as they’d “fed” and led, this is all they want.

I dont know so much about Gandhi, but he was a leader yes – he DID mobilize the masses of India big time – now, of course, he was also two faced in that he himself didnt do a lot of what he said, sleeping with underage women etc, some extremely weird habits too – and so forth …not to mention he was indirectly responsible for India being partitioned into Pakistan and India, a mess that hasn’t been resolved to this date in the subcontinent (ever wonder why Gandhi was never sent to the concentration camp style jail the Brits had in India? There was a reason! To me it was the other freedom fighters “Bhagat Singh”, “Subhash Chandra Bose” etc that played a far more important role in India’s eventual freedom from the Brits, not to mention global events like WWII weakening the”imperial” empire to a huge degree and so forth) …

… But from a leadership standpoint, even he had it spot on.

And all true leaders from Gandhi to Churchill to Napoleon Hill to Mike Watson – they all have one thing in common.

They LEAD – they are fearless, courageous, have belief, gumption – and something else “internally” that everyone has, but precious few foster.

I’ll let you guess what that something else is, it ain’t got nothing to do with sex either. Maybe it does, but thats not the main point.

Anyway ….

It’s interesting how in writing all this she very accurately points out Mike Watson’s mindset.

As she said in a review before this …

Congratulations Mike! You are a man who while you appear to be weak, you
are totally strong in reality and with that you have them all the time, without them
realizing it.

Dear readers! If you want to be like Mike it is. Do as they say “Follow the leader”,
“Just do it”.

And she’s right!

True leadership comes from SERVING – first.

You have to serve first before you GET.

And you have to do so with an open heart.

And if you enjoy it, so much the better, most true leaders DO!

Anyway, from a dom sub perspective, so interesting!

Yes, those ladies felt secure enough with me “leading” overall to dominate me and to allow me to submit to them – that would never have happened if I was “truly a doormat” – I keep mentioning this in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – precious few people listen.

Do so at your own peril …

Anyway, here is what I replied to her, in itself a great read –

Hi again Paula! (or, Princess, if I may call you that!)

Great to hear back from you – and again, thanks so much for all your work – so much appreciated! Thanks as well for the review for “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – Volume 3” – much appreciated!

And, thanks for letting me know the Japanese translation for Princess as well.

YES, that was another great review, very well thought out in terms of “why people follow leaders” – or “why the masses follow leaders” – true, most people neither think for themselves, nor accept any sort of responsibility for their own lives – they are happy to be “led along to the pastures – or slaughter” – like sheep basically.

As the great Thoreau I believe said…  most men are content to lead lives of quiet desperation.

And those that dont – men and women both – well, as you said – they LEAD – even if that is leading “from the bottom!” But you’re so right, it is only someone that is really “totally strong” as you put it that can really submit well – and it is only with such a person that someone would truly “want” to dominate that person i.e. be “led” in that regard if that makes sense.

I still remember Pearl asking me a lot of times (Pearl from Submissive Musings) “honey, does a girl who loves her man do this?”

Hehe…. I think you can guess the answer -well, you read most of it in that book!

Thanks again for all your work Paula – much appreciated! I hope you enjoy the Madam Carrie series as much – I think you will! Haha. And, a couple of more books for your “reading” or translating – or both pleasure (time permitting of course) – two of my earliest – “Meeting Ms Chen” – and “Owned by Madam Aa Ling“.

The “Serving an Indian Goddess” series, you might enjoy that one immensely as well! Have a great day, and we’ll speak again soon.



She was asking me a few days ago about which books I wanted to her to read first (and perhaps translate too if she had the time).

I told her to choose.

She did, but then I gave her some suggestions!

And she followed them to the T.

That, in itself should explain a lot in context of this email …

And that, my friends is that.

GET these books now.

And I’ll be back soon.



PS – This review is also yet more proof of what I keep saying “life is shades of grey, never black and white”, and the most “dominant” or free – or people leading in “real life” people often being the polar opposite in bed. Yin and Yang. Both – all – required – very much so!

PS #2 – And, interesting how she talks about me being a teacher – lao shi – or … Shi Fu, as people call me on another site! I look at myself as a writer primarily, someone who is helping others solve their problems and issues – but she’s right – that is what real teachers do – not in ESL though hehe. More in the book, of course!

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