To all the penises I’ve ever known . . .

So I just saw the name of a book on the Internet, a book that stopped me in my tracks, and a book that I did NOT see beyond the title.

I don’t know if it’s an English language book or not, but the title went something like “To all the penises I’ve ever known”, and as soon as I saw that, I knew I had to write to you about this!

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

While my “Cock worship for Sissies and Faggots” does MORE than an adequate job of saying “thank you” – I felt more was required, and so here goes!

I’d normally say “Thank you Ma’am”, of  course, and I still do. That holds true regardless of whether she cucks me or not. The main thing is always HER satisfaction and even if nothing more than her dirty soles are involved, then that is what I’ll thank her for – up and down – and until the cows come, hehe, and she deserves it, boy!


But to those of you ladies that have cuckolded me, a double thank you – and a triple thank you for the COCKS that this cuck has been fortunate/worthy enough to serve.

It could be the black curved cock that I write about so often, for instance, the cock belong to a slim black male, a young dude with the sexiest cock ever. Banana cock, and curved upward  – – MMM!!

And as the head curved proudly upward, and I dropped to my knees to kiss it, worship it and suck it – and be at one with the essence of Master’s cock and balls, I laughingly heard Mistress say . . .

Lick his ass first, boy!

And as I did, I thanked him profusely – both before and AFTER the above.

And as that cock pounded me as only it could, I felt how good it felt to be sissified and SISSY fucked by a dominant woman and her even more dominant MAN . . .

(something which I mention in Humiliation Central, along with the picture – you’ll want to check it out now!)

Or, perhaps my friend’s lovely white cock, the bulbous pink head shiny from all the saliva I exerted on it . . .

Or, perhaps Kendrick’s long black cock, with those lovely sweaty GOLF sized BALLS dangling about two inches or so below the base of the cock, those lovely balls that just called out to be sucked, licked and worshipped until they unloaded their JIZZ on yours truly . . .

Or, and of course, this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Madam Su, as I’ve said in the past, cuckoldress au extraordinaire if there EVER was one!

Any of the cocks she routinely had me service.

Or Garima Madam, Jerome, and his huge, thick black dick that rested so comfortably on the balls after it’s exertion, the head poking out at me, sneering at me as I massaged his feet as he slept comfortably at night with my wife in his arms . . .

And so forth.

A huge thank you to all those cocks (sometimes it does feel as if the cock is dominating me, not Master himself ;)) – yours truly wouldn’t be half the sissy and cuck he is without those experiences!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can grab Cuck Central – truly one of the best reads for you if you’re a true cuck –

P.S #2 – And here is where all you cucks can grab the world famous and immensely popular Cuckold compilations –

P.P.S – And all of this is just a DREAM for you as yet, and you’re staying up late at night to FIND (or desperately hope that you find the DOMNANT LADY of your DREAMS) – well hope isn’t a plan, my friend. But affirmations go a long way in getting you started – especially these right here –

And once you pick that up, be sure and pick up the most complete manual on understanding dominant Chinese (or any) ladies and thereby attracting THEM TO YOU like moths to a FLAME

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