Why its even more important to be modest in front of a TRUE QUEEN!

As I spoke to Madam Chen today, a lady that had added me out of the blue on wechat . . .

(I know. I know. I know! I’ll find the fact that ladies keep adding me out of the blue inscribed on your tombstone, I hear you say . . . )

And while I DO bring that up a lot, it’s for good reason.

Most guys struggle to find the dominant lady of their dreams, and when they “find one” (if they do) they don’t realize how lucky they are – and then they LOSE said lady (and again, rightfully so!).

Worship her like the Goddess she is, boy! Worship the ground she walks on! She’s always right, and you . . . . and unfortunately, WAY TOO few so called submissive men do what they should in this regard, and that’s why I bring this up repeatedly to emphasize we attract what our DEEPEST, TRUEST desires are.

And if you’re not convinced of femdom deep down in the subconscious, you’ll never really attract the same to yourself (on auto pilot, at that!).

Conditioning, my friend. That old bug bear, and in that regard, HERE is the manual you need to crack open – right NOW.

Anyway, back to Madam Chen.

“You’re modest!” , she said, in response to a question about what I did, and my answer along the lines of “I’m a writer”.

After that she said “You’re too good!” (after looking at the very long list of posts on this blog and my wechat, hehe). And of course the books etc.

Am I?

I don’t know, Madam, and I told her that.

“Plus, I’m never as good as YOU!”

And of course, I got the satisfied “big grin” after that.

And you’re never as good as her, boy. That’s a fact, but modesty is a quality women admire even in vanilla relationships my friend.

No girl wants to be with a blowhard and braggart, especially not one that counts notches on bedposts, and the number of times he’s got a BJ, and the number of girls he’s been with, and his fat bank account (well, that only if you’re handing over control to her, as you should, boy! ?) and so forth.

And that holds true for life as well.

Modesty is always key to achievement in any sphere, femdom included, I hear you say.

And you’re right – but let me throw a final monkey wrench into all this.

Sometimes, when it comes to femdom its good to blow your bugle, but in the OPPOSITE manner of what you’d normally do!

For example, as I told  Madam Fang today as soon as she added me (I got that feeling!).

Madam, you’re a true Queen! Thank you SO much for adding me!

And while I didn’t actually say I’d prostrate myself at her feet as I did with Princess Joanie, I felt like doing so.

“I’m not a queen”, she said giggling.

She was surprised, of course, and I continued in my “not so modest femdom mode”.

Do you enjoy massage, Madam?

She giggled again.

“yes, but no money!”

“Madam, you should find a man to wash and press your feet, and serve you like a Queen!”

Hee hee, she giggled.

And she’s such a Queen to be honest! She just asked if I ate, and I hadn’t.

And though I was about to, I think I’ll wait – for her to finish while I serve her, wash her dishes and then press her feet, and that’s probably all the dinner I need for tonight, and I wasn’t shy about telling her that either!

And her response?

Well, that’s another topic for another post!

She is always a Queen – and while you should be modest in front of her – to a fault, at that, you can never be too modest in true servitude.

And that’s today’s lesson, boy!

Take it on board – – and start treating her like the Goddess she is, and attracting TRUE femdom into your life – today!


Mike Watson

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