Sissy POV’s, and Madam Pearl’s ruined orgasms

Dear Reader,

I’ve done up emails on POV’s before – immensely popular ones from what I can tell and rightfully so too, hehe.

Nothing quite gets the submissive male “going” as a picture of a giantess sneering at you – as you lie there “underfoot” – under that massive, sexy, BROAD foot – the sheer ARROGANCE on her face – and dominance in her eyes – and perhaps a kick or two – telling a better story, than I, or ANY BDSM writer probably ever could!

Or, perhaps kneeling submissively at Master’s feet – kissing his thighs, worshipping his entire lower body as a true woman (sissy!) would … making your way up to that delicious erect (and preferably “curved” – God(dess) – curved dongs hit the right spot, don’t they, sissies?!) …

Or, perhaps him on his back, and that delicious ass crack exposed … just a wee bit.

Lick his ass first, boy! I can still hear Madam Su’s commanding voice command me to do just that, but on that note, another of my favorite POV’s is this – and Madam Pearl features in it – and NO, I have NOT put this into the Submissive Musings newsletter. This is a “freebie” to thank those of y’all that have signed up for the daily list, and read my emails with a lot of gusto on a daily basis!

Often times, Madam would wear a long, flowing skirt. That alone is part of femdom, hehe – – I’m more of a short skirt man, but MOST of the Chinese ladies I’ve been with wanted me to buy them long dresses for the most part (and occasionally short sexy ones, such as the “by now famous” red skirt I bought for Madam).

It’s always about her, boy! Don’t you ever forget that, sissy!

And as Madam Pearl would wear her multi-colored long skirt, she’d lie down on the bed on her stomach, feet crossed in a MOST SEXY manner – – part of her calves (just the right amount!) visible – and those sexy soles on full view, as I’d “press” them for her, as she either worked on her laptop – or chatted on her phone (more often it was the latter, hehe).

Nothing quite as “sexily” degrading as her chatting with her boyfriend while I was massaging her soles and fetching her tea, of course, but as Princess Tina works up to that too, back to memory lane!

Sometimes, I’d beg for permission to put my dick in between those lovely soles, and jerk (to the hard skin at the base of her feet, mind you – NOT the soft skin!).

(NB – She often wore flip flops, so despite the daily foot care Pearl received, there was always foot dirt – and a bit of callus – for a willing sissy slave!)

I’d jerk until I almost came, and then she’d tell me to stop, of course.

Madam was a MASTER – or should I say Mistress of the RUINED ORGASM – one of the most frustrating” (and therefore sexy) orgasms a male submissive can have, my friend – it is when you STOP all stimulation RIGHT before the point of “no return”, and if done right, cum will “dribble” out of your cock , but you won’t get any of the pleasure associated with “real man orgasms”.

And it won’t be as pleasurable as a sissygasm either, my friend!

For more on what ruined orgasms are, and how to incorporate them into your play – make SURE to pick up your copy of the book right here – –

Back to Madam though, she’d impart her own “touch” to ruined orgasms which I’ll mention here – as a freebie, as I said!

She’d often lightly “smack” me in the balls just that much – and the sudden jolt of SLIGHT pain through my nether regions would make me lose my hard on – but not all the way!

This takes great practice, by the way, ladies (and gents). A sissy can get seriously injured if not done right, so exercise due caution!

But she was an expert at it, and the more she did this, and the more she commanded me to restart, the more my balls ached – that dull, tingling ache – – and along with the sexy sensations caused by my vibrating butt plug – always in place – I was always “hurting” – and leaking – – and at the same time, being denied ANY sort of orgasm!

And she’d laugh, of course, and give me that oh-so-sexy POV I mentioned above.

A real man would want to take her doggy style, of course, and often did.

As I watched … and as for me, the sissy?

I’d be “made” to lick her ass for hours – suck her toes – and only then, and ONLY then be allowed to worship her “honeypot” – – if even then!

And it was all so sexy, and fun, and we BOTH enjoyed it a lot.

Often times, she’d feel “how full my balls” were , and do the “tap” with a finger or two, which was even more erotic in certain ways.

And in all cases, my lust for her was NEVER sated – not fully, at least, hehe.

And this, my friend – is the beauty of ruined orgams – and sissygasms – the sub is NEVER sated – always kept horny – ready to serve – and worship – and thats the way it should be!

Well, my friend, that is that for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Make sure to pick up a copy of Sissy Central if you haven’t already – –

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