Her dirty, uncared for cracked soles … and why it’s all so easy for Madam!

Last night, I was wondering, while giggling.

My significant other is looking for new cucks. Thats never a secret, is it? Hehe.

(So if you’ve got what it takes – – and if you dont believe me, do a search on the site, and you’ll see – shes truly one of the most dominant females you’ll ever meet from the subcontinent. Trust me, I’ve lived it! Hehe – – then apply here – – remember, lots of money, and lots of servitude – and then we’ll see (or rather, she’ll see. My role is to vet, hers to decide!)).

Anyway … Even with that dynamic in place, and sometimes not much play?

She still charges my credit card merrily.

She still, as a little girl once told me “demands stuff from me” – which she denied, of course.

A minute or so later, there was madam, lying there in full airconditioning in a darkened room scrolling through my Amazon.com cart, and then adding items to it. Hehe.

Guess who’ll pay!

Almost like the lovely Garima Madam – a much under appreciated lady, but boy oh boy did she resolve that!

Those of you that have read Serving an Indian Goddess, but not Garima Madam….JI?

You need to! Asap!

And then of course, the other books.

But anyway, I saw a quote from a findomme too. Not even with a picture you’d consider overly attractive, as I keep saying its about her MIND – her WORDS!

The vibe that cannot be faked behind the words is what it’s about, and THAT is where a lot of folks mess up – both findominas and subs.

Sure, a few words from her gets you going.

But the way she says those words, or if its even a she behind the words (ever notice the increasing number of frauds etc in the findom world – cheaters – those that steal other’s pictures – chargebacks etc?) … THAT determines everything!

And with the right mindset, the right vibe, and cucks galore?

It truly is so easy for her!

Paye Lagu, Madam!

But her soles.

Last night, I had a dream of two massage girls massaging me, and of course, like I wrote about in Sin City Diaries – their cracked soles showed up as they giggled.

I was going to cum on their soles.

I didnt.

I woke up with a giant hard on!

But it reminds me of Madam Bao Bao, who took my money and ran away without doing even half the massage she promised she would.

Her handjob was so called erotic “slow touches like a feather” – but really – as I’ve said before, I prefer a solid jerking off, but that would have required Madam do some actual work!

Remember, I had to give her my towel first so she could shower – on my dime – at muy house. Hehe. And she ran off before completing her time, even!

And HJ?

Well, all I was doing for the most part was rubbing her feet!

A sex worker, massage workers, some of the most downtrodden in China, it was no surprise that her soles were so cracked – I felt so bad, and as I pressed, that LOOK – which was always there – came again!

“Your girlfriend will be very happy, boy!”

I still remember perfect Madam Bao Bao.

I’d drop down, worship and give her money any day even if she isn’t a findom, because she’s just such a Queen and perfect Goddess!

All these Chinese ladies are …

And to attract ladies like this in every situation to yourself – learn – and follow the tricks laid out in the book on it – HERE.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Remember to pick up some of our books on Chinese femdom here – truly from the heart, and REALITY mixed in with a dab or two of creative license. And remember the sale we’ve got goin gon – 40% off no less, and if you add funds to wallet, and THEN use the discount code –  JUL4footboys – that becomes 50% off!

Truly worth it, so act NOW.

P.S. #2 – I just love writing findom erotica and erotica in general. Thats what the whole Submissive Musings in Mainland China – apt location! is about – and whats more? ALL TRUE!! which is the best part, hehe.

I remember reading about how some guys have had exact same experiences, where the sex workers ran off with their money after giving them the finger, and they loved it. Then they knew they were into findom and such! So true!

Of course, Sin City Diaries should be bracketed into the findom real life experiences category too – perhaps more so. Hehe. Truly how it was back in the day in the mainland!

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