Arriving today between 7:00 and 9:00 PM!

Thats what I just received on the dumbphone.

Now, it was an item I ordered – a KIDS item for some reason.

Well, not really … tis a “tenthouse” sorta thing.

You know, the kind thats like a mosquito net, or what not …

And it’s been on it’s way for a while.

But today, when I got the message, I figured that was IT.


… except when I saw the picture next to it.

It was a big, black, CURVED dildo!

The message read “Cute foldable home” ….

Now, I don’t know if it meant “tent”

Or if it mean DICK.

Lol. Or DILDO.

But really, dem smartphones BE prying upon me!

If a real dildo DOES show up?

Well, I’ll treasure it as a TRUE SIGN FROM the Universe that “my time has come” in terms of this here site being truly the MOST popular ever when it comes to fetish.

Back to it!


Mike Watson

PS – Plenty of stories of cuckolding with big black cock here.

PS #2 – Pick up Cock Worship for Sissies and FAGGOTS right HERE.

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