Joyce, the ultimate QUEEN!

Dear Reader,

Blink and you’ll miss it – but there have been instances in the past where I’ve missed out femdom opportunities (well, not fully but for the most part) that were “presented” to me on a platter as it were.

Yes, yes, I know. The guy that NEVER fails to miss up on an opportunity in that regard – and has no trouble meeting women into it etc … HE claims he’s “goofed”?

Well, yes, my friend – on occasion – in the past – because of incomplete mental conditioning, to be honest, but a goof is a goof. No excuse!

My brief and somewhat enjoyable dalliance with the gorgeous Ashley was one of these cases.

And though I’ve written tomes about the lovely Madam Su (she who features in the LATEST version of Submissive Musings) – YES – I almost did my best to goof up during the initial stages of that relationship too!

Both of these cases have been detailed in blog posts before – – and by the way – – after a long and MUCH anticipated wait – “Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume #3” is finally out – and the heroine is a (very popular, apparently) Madam Su as the protagonist – and cuckolding and (obviously) femdom and humiliation are the themes.

Fans of my work – and indeed Madam Su, hehe will want to grab this right now. If that is you, do so right here –

And now, back to missed femdom opportunties – and a lady that was every bit the Domina she acted like – except it never got around to “play” – unfortunately – and I have to admit the fault was mostly mine. It always is my fault anyway, isn’t it Madam? 😉

Many moons ago, I was moving apartments (yes, again, and NO, this was BEFORE I met the lovely Madam Carrie -in fact a year ago).

I used a real estate agency to help me find a new apartment – and two young beautiful girls (one with the loveliest, most voluptous legs and RED nailpolish – and the other slimmer, darker skinned, but yet extremely attractive) showed me around.

We finally settled on an apartment, and then it was time to haggle over the rent, get the repairs done etc before moving in.

I must admit neither one of the girls was too professional at the jobs – but then again – they’re Queens – why should they be?? Hehe …

And as I finally blew my top on moving day at Juju (should I say Princess Juju!)’s incompetence – she was the darker skinned beauty – she got flustered, and said her boss would come to help us.

And come she did … and how!?

For the record, this apartment was on the fourth floor of a building with no elevators and narrow stairs – and lugging a ton of luggage up in hot humid weather (after a tough workout, by the way) was NO joke, my friend.

And as I was puffing up and down, I saw a stately looking lady climb the stairs.

I couldn’t quite recognize her, but at the back of my mind I knew – this was her.

She looked at me – a brief look – we didnt know each other – but that look was ENOUGH to tell me that … well, you get my drift! But no, I still didn’t quite guess she was the “boss”. Yes, the thought occured to me, but I wasn’t sure.

And as I completed round #2 of moving, and prepared for the third round, I saw the two of them casually sitting on my sofa – – and gossiping like nothing ever happened – or there wasn’t a move to be accomplished!

Well, so much for the bosses “help”!

And after the initial Hello’s, I lost it – again.

“You guys are just sitting there? I mean, Juju … “(and then I proceeded to list a long list of things that had been promised to be done – but never were …)

And after a bit of a pause, the older lady – Madam Joyce, I must call her – spoke up.

There’s nothing we can do!” she said, glaring at me as if I was the root of the entire problem. “You don’t want us to sit down, do you??” she continued accusingly.

And believe it or not, despite the fact that I was the client – she sat back down – threw her shoes off – and leant back, looking at me.

“We’re doing the best we can!”

…. …..???

That wasn’t the first time I had encountered a Queen, of course, but it was the first time I had encountered a middle aged lady so brazen, and so turned on was I that I started to unconsciously massage her shoulders an hour or so later once some of the problems had been sorted out.

And while I was paying the new landlady the initial deposit (and while she was looking on at us interestedly) – I was massaging Joyce’s shoulders – or should I say Madam Joyce, hehe – and she spoke.

“You need to give the younger ones a chance!” she spoke out, triumphantly – and amazingly – enjoying a client rub her shoulders in a business setting of all things.

And it was all I could not to drop down to my knees and say “Yes, Madam …” and … well .. Ill let you guess what else!

As it was, I continued the massage, and rubbed her neck too, as she involuntarily relaxed. She wasn’t an attractive lady by “most” standards – but I’ve always maintained femdom is NOT about looks- look are way, way down on the list.

The vibe is what COUNTS, and Madam Joyce, in that green dress with a plunging “back’ of sorts, and somewhat dark skin was – and probably still IS – ultimate proof of this!

And lest you think that was all – and that I moved in – and that was the end of that – well – think again, pally.

The narration is halfway done in the “Joyce – the Ultimate Queen” BOOK – and while I’m not sure when that one will be out – I AM sure that the next email from me – or thereabouts will continue the story.

Be on the outlook for it – her FEET will feature – and Madam Juju will feature too – in later installments of this newsletter as we go along. Who knows – Submissive Musings – Volume #4 might just have “rental agents” as the main theme!!

And on that note, I’m out for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with part #2 of this!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Oh, and I’ll also tell you what I would have done differently, and WHY it’s a missed femdom opportunity (although some of you might have already guessed). Stay tuned!

P.S #2 – Yes, I know – these tales sound AWESOME – especially since they are true – and if you like stories of this nature you will want NOT to waste a second and grab the latest installment of Submissive Musings in Mainland China – right here – –


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