Here we go!

Dear reader,

Well, I had about five or six posts on this page which didn’t quite “jell” with the theme of the site which, as you might imagine is basically fetish.

“Spicy and Erotic” Fetish as the name of the site (as well as the domain name states), and I’m a firm believer in that variety doesn’t just “add spice” to life – it’s a required ingredient in order to live life fully and ENJOY things for what they are.

For what it’s worth, and you’ll seen this short “intro” soon on the homepage, I’m a writer – more specifically, and as you can probably tell from the picture on the homepage (which I’ve got from Google by the way) I’m a femdom writer.

I believe in writing about themes close to my heart, and that “I’ve been there and done”. This holds true for all my other writing ventures as well, and fitness and self-help would be the two I’d like to mention here.

I’m currently re-jigging and re-organizing this site, and I’ll be posting on this blog on a fairly regular basis, hehe.

For now though – sayonara – back again once I get the site “rejigged”!


Mike Watson

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