A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland …

20 power packed and REAL WORLD tips to get YOU the dominant Chinese lady of your dreams. But really, this works for ALL ladies – and even VANILLA COUPLES – see the reviews below from the “horse’s mouth”. 

EXCLUSIVE SECRETS that have NOT BEEN revealed until now – in ANY of my COURSES

This book has been written for a very specific purpose, and more importantly a very specific niche, both of which should be apparent enough from the title.

In a nutshell, this is for submissive males – – TRULY submissive males (as opposed to those who choose to “top from the bottom”) and should be read with a mindset akin to this (if you aren’t in the above category).

It is submissive males looking to find the dominant lady of their dreams – – or more accurately the dominant Chinese lady of their dreams. Of course, most of what is mentioned herein is NOT specific to any particular ethnicity – – but I’ve found it to hold most true for the ethnic subgroup I have mentioned.

A lot of what I say might come across as controversial. So be it. I’ve never been known (either in person or my books) for sugar coating things and NOT saying it like it is – if anything I’ve been brutally honest my entire life and this same style permeates my writing in all areas.

No, you fool!! Waking up and staring goggle eyed at pictures of feet on the Internet won’t cut it!

Madam, you were so right!

(actual quote from Sophia. Hehe).


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A must read for all you sissies out there. Includes BOTH Sissy Central and Sissygasm-Central – as well as Cock Worship for Sissies and FAGGOTS! Truly a BARGAIN GRAB.

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Asian Femdom Compilation – Meeting Ms. Chen, Owned by Madam Aa Ling, The double agent, 25 million dollars and Serving Ann!

This compilation includes many oldies, but GOODIES. And indeed – – they seemed innocuous enough when I met them …. BUT … they were anything … BUT!   Includes Meeting Ms. Chen  (truly a CLASSIC) Owned by Madam Aa Ling (rave reviews – – see the sales page for more!) The Double Agent  (another one of …

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