“he’s asking me how much should he send, I have no idea. I said it depends on you!”

My oh my oh my!

What a way to start the day – a Sophia day it seems like. Hehe.

Princess Sophia sent me this message upon waking up – RIGHT after my feet touched the floor, I was barely awake.

“You here”?

(no hi or anything, hehe).

I didnt reply instantly. Still fogged up, brain still thinking. Yours truly never replies to or looks at the dumbphone upon waking up … thats a key to productivity there most will never get.

Later, after washing a few dishes I replied.

“Yes, here now …” 

And, she wanted some free English practice.

She sent me a conversation she was having with some other foreign guy.

“if any mistakes, would you please correct it?””


Madam has that word in her vocab? Hehe…

Of course, as I read through it, the impatience came back. It was a hilarious conversation, so obvious what she was trying to do, the other guy finally caught on, and then I giggled, and she said.

“correct it!”

Except, Madam hadn’t noticed I already corrected her. Hehe.

“O, I see, you just done “

Basically they were having some weird conversation about advertising in some group after having very painfully in a copy and paste manner worked up to the point they could discuss that, then she asked the guy for money, he didnt pay.

So she paid for him – except it was a tiny amount she charges, so …


Sophia is a girl who goes after the BIG money.

Take her out to dinner or lunch, she’ll not just not let you pay, but if you do – she will return your money.


Trust me, I should know. I took her out once for coffee and a beer, and she raised all sorts of Cain later about “why did I pay”, and “I want to return the money to you!”

And of course, an hour or so on the phone at 1030 PM at night , she ended up returning it, I took it as well. Hehe. Not to mention the infamous discussion about her “dream men” … Hehe.

Anyway, it’s been a day of Sophias thus far.

Woke up to another (non femdom) notification from another lovely lady Sophia, another Asian girl going to football games (yum, I love that sort! Heh – Jyoti did too…I still remember her taking my card (ID card) and saying – “well, I’ll use it, you look girly anyway, they wont check” and giggling off! Hehe – and of course, she never returned my ID when she was supposed to, but thats another story!!) …

This Sophia, well, she’s renting, her landlord just sold the place, and with the rents being as crazy as they are these days (at least back Stateside) – she’s worried she’ll have to move.

Well, that happened to me once. Try renting with the new landlord. Mine was pretty nice, but she didnt want to rent it out for much longer, but I found a better place. What happens usually does for the better if you THINK right… At least, thats my opinion!

Thats what I said, of course, I dont know her story … but I hope that works out for her! It did for me, at least temporarily.

Anyway, Princess Sophia routinely adds men and sees what she can get from them. Hehe. She added me too of course, but only after I messaged her. Which is why I like her! 😉 Hehe.

Well, anyway, why am I writing all this

Well, what Sophia told me about the conversation (I love reading the conversations with other men she sends me!) – in the title of this email?

“Just dominate him”, I told her. “Tell him what you want him to pay!” – “you’re so good at it!”

And she is.

But she’s into BIG money. And taking control of bank accounts with BIG money … Hehe.

“My husband didnt let me do, so I dont love him!”

Of course, we all know who runs after her wanting to “do” …. Hehe.

Sophia is just gorgeous and great I (sissy) love her so much!

And that is that for this one.

Madam – just tell him what you want him to pay. You’re so good at it!


Mike Watson

PS – Ass worship 101 is out – our latest course – and this one being a treatise on ass worship. This should be read in conjunction with Sissy-gasm Central, the two go together, the latter being 102 as it were!

PS #2 – Cuckolds, check out the screenshot beneath. Hehe.

Tall black guy, of course, I’ve no idea how “tall” or long that dong is but if it is, well, prepare how to worship it FIRST! Hehe.

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