Submissive Musings (in mainland China) – Vol #1

“Plug you in the ASS, boy!” 

Overriding theme(s) – Findom, male servitude, humiliation

This is the first in a series of monthly (or perhaps bi-weekly – we’ll see) femdom themed newsletter from Mike Watson. I’ve been writing femdom based novellas for a while now, but figured NOW was the time to “open up a bit more” about all the experiences I’ve detailed in my novellas.

As I state in my books, it’s usually “reality mixed in with the right dash of creative license” that not only works best, but is what keeps it real as well.

These newsletters are being written in that same vein. Each of them will have a central “heroine” – – and the newsletter centers around the lovely “Madam” Pearl this month, a lady I was fortunate enough to interact with a few years ago.

This particular newsletter has the following themes – – in no particular order – – financial domination, humiliation (male humiliation obviously) and male servitude.

If there was ONE overriding theme though – – I’d say it was financial domination —  and truth be told, that is what it usually boils down to anyway, doesn’t it, subs? ?

After all – – she deserves it – – especially if you’re getting the PRIVELEGE to worship her!

‘Tis just the way it is – – so we subs best get used to it. And ENJOY IT! ?

Mike Watson readers will enjoy this particular narration – and who knows – even if you haven’t read my books thus far – you might just enjoy it as well!

Available in audiobook and language formats as well!

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