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The membership that gets you access to ALL our products and courses in digital format – so long as your membership stays VALID and ACTIVE. Truly the BEST DEAL EVER!

And if you choose the paperback option – well, you get one paperback of your choice sent to you UPON request as well! (completely free – as long as your membership stays VALID and ACTIVE).

Forget Fetlife, and the other “so called true fetish forums out there”. Most of them are populated by men that want to jerk off to free porn and send women lewd pictures of their private parts – a complete no no and a huge ugggggh for obvious reasons.

Try having any sort of sensible discussion these days on FetLife, or any sort of unmoderated free forums, and you’ll know what I mean!

The benefits you’ll get from this membership

(ever expanding (no pun intended!! ;))by the way – this is a new idea, albeit very well received, and I plan on having a suggestions forum for you guys on this too within the membership area).

  • FREE access to all my IMMENSELY popular books and courses . . . including over 50 books on fiction alone (note – at the time of writing this, that count has probably been EXCEEDED). Even if there were NO more benefits, given the RATE AT WHICH I add new books and courses, this alone is VALUE for money, my friend – more than you could ever get elsewhere.
    • Rate? Did I forget to tell you (I did, hehe) – that you know, those special discounts we have for books on pre-orders ? Well, you’ll get a FURTHER Discount on those pre-orders simply for being part of the Faithful – yet another BONUS for you. These will be given out in terms of secret coupons NOT shared with the public in general.
    • ONE FREE PAPERBACK per product per month – provided you choose that option!! SHIPPING INCLUDED within the continental United States/Canada! (and discounted elsewhere).
  • FORUM where you can discuss anything fetish related (so long as it’s legal, of age, etc- SSC, in short) and hang out with fellow fetishists, and NOT be criticized or “castigated” or “told to go to counseling” (as I was!) for your fetish!
  • Start to attract the dominant lady of your dreams without even “following” what I’ve laid out in my books and courses – simply by letting the VIBE affect you, my friend – and it’s TRUE! We REALLY really succeed at only that we really want, and VIBE and feelings are key to getting what we really want!
    • Of course, you’ll get FREE access to all products, so if you USE what is TAUGHT to you, so much the better! ?
  • Have INTELLIGENT and rational discussions with fellow femdom lovers, and BDSM lovers in general!
  •  SPECIAL and “in depth” knowledge for you INDIAN femdom lovers – and there are a lot, I know! I’ve been fortunate enough to be with several lovely Indian ladies in terms of femdom, and now it’s time to share my knowledge, and what attracts them to me and VICE VERSA . . . with you! By itself, this is a VALUE GRAB if ever!
  • All my future products (and in terms of a sneak preview, I’m planning on coming out with MORE products in the cuckold category – and the SISSY category – as well as continue my work in terms of Chinese femdom and Indian femdom).
    • As you might imagine, I have in depth knowledge on how to “really” bring cuckoldry or incorporate the SISSY fantasy into YOUR lifestyle, my friend. I’ve been doing it for years, and there is a way to do it – and there is a way NOT TO DO IT. Given the immense amount of interest on this, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be giving out FREE info on this as well – info that you have NOT seen as yet in ANY of my books, courses, or products!
  • NEW – The OUTED membership is also included for FREE with the Watson Faithful – meaning you have access to everything there as well with this membership! 
  • An “Indian femdom ONLY” book – or, “How to attract INDIAN femdom to you” without even trying, if I may. This is one of the books I will NOT be putting on the site (for general viewers) and neither will it be on Amazon, Lulu etc. It WILL be on the plate though for you subscribers! Again, value galore . . .
    • (and if you don’t think I qualify to tell you how – just look at the ROARING success of my first book “A complete guide to understanding dominant females from the Chinese mainland).
  • And much, much more . . .so much more that its impossible to state it all here!

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