Cuck dreams …

You know what I mean, don’t you?

If you’re a cuck, or sissy, or even just a “faggot” on occasion … or have had dreams of sucking cock, or have…

If you’ve had dreams of large cocks unloading their hot jizz onto your tongue, face … a tongue that is awash with the taste of multiple asses, both male and female … and eyes that hungrily stare at nothing more than a bulbous cock head pointing straight at you, while the tongue obediently and hungrily slurps up two juicy balls …

And so forth!

If you’re a true cuck – this email is for YOU. If you’re a true sissy – you’ll identify. And so forth …

And if you’re a true femdom lover, you might just identify as well, hehe, because you know if she giggles at you sucking cock, she’s enjoying it to an extent, and that’s what matters.

Remember Madam Wendy, and her wanting to take me to a gay bar? Hehe …

Anyway, I’ve said this many times before but I’ll say it again. If you’ve signed up for the site using a Hotmail, AOL or yahoo address, then our emails may or may NOT get through.

I’ve said this multiple times before, but it’s not getting through, so am saying it yet again. If you’re signed up and wondering just the why the heck you aren’t receiving emails from us – well – your email provider blocking the IP’s or whatever this is being sent from is probably the issue.

If you’re using gmail etc, should work just fine – just check your spam and mark my emails as “not spam”.

It’s hard enough sneaking past email filters these days for regular marketing, but when you’re sending out adult themed newsletter with certain sexy words, hehe … I suppose I could get around this by “mis spelling” the words, but that takes away from the authenticity of the newsletter, and I do NOT want to do so.

It should be real – and true!

And on that note, the perfect moment for any cuck is … either when you drop down to your knees and obediently unbuckle Sir’s pants when your Madam asks you to, revealing his precious underwear – sweaty underwear in many cases, as was the case with Garima Madam’s boyfriends! … and of coure, that BULGE in the pants.

That bulge, ever straining, ever growing, just IMPLORING you, the cuck, to take the underwear off and let the wondrous organ behind it free.

His organ, of course, which is what matters – and counts!

His organ should be sucked – licked and worshipped like the precious item it is, and his cum as well. And yours?

Well, you can shine Master’s shoes with you, fooboy, as Princess Joanie often made me do!

Or, you could drink it up. Or, freeze it and reuse later. So many different CREATIVE ways to do this, and Princess Krystal was one of the best at this of course!

And if the underwear is already off, I love a flaccid, or semi flaccid cock dangling in front of me, hitting me on the nose, the balls dangling invitingly as well, just waiting for me to suck and get hard, while Master is kissing my Madam …

… Doing what she would never allow me to do. Feeling her body. Prepering to penetrate her like a REAL MAN … and perhaps me as well later!

I’ve often had fantasies of licking Madam while being anally penetrated by her lover … a true case of a sissy having her cake – and eating it too! And while I’ve done both of these one on one, I haven’t yet done ‘em in a threesome.

Maybe someday with Princess jojo, hehe.

Anyway, that’s the update for today. Cuck dreams as it were, and if being a cuck and said experiences are a turn on – then you’ll want to grab Cuckold Compilations – right here –



Mike Watson

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