“You’re obviously a men”

Dear Reader,

Look across any social media platform these days and you’ll see the terms “finsub”, “findom” etc being used by a LOT of people – men and women alike – a LOT of whom really know nothing about the fetish and are either there to make a quick buck while they can – – or perhaps “get their rocks off” temporarily (if we’re referring to the males).

And while I’m sure there are a fair number of “fake Dominas” out there – what I’ve seen is this – the number of so called “fake submissives” far, far outnumbers the former.

In other words, there are way too many guys out there with literally nothing better to do than to badger women online – or those they think they are.

My Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/spicyanderoticfetish/) is choc-a-bloc full of idiot requests such as “Hi Mistress”  – – or “Mistress, dominate me for fun” – or the eternal “show me your boobs, Mistress”.

And then these same men complain about not being to find ladies to dominate them as they like …

This was, in part why I wrote the manual about finding the dominant lady of your DREAMS. It was written bearing in mind Chinese ladies, but really, the advice in there holds true regardless of what race of lady you’re referring to, my friend.

And while I normally ignore these sort of requests in my Inbox, a particularly persistent “gentleman” (I use that term very sparingly!) would have none of it.

Rather than politely ask me if I was open to dominating him (and I’m obviously NOT!!) – – or even to see if I was available  – – he proceeds to video call me after saying the obligatory (or perhaps it was before – – I can’t recall) “Hello Mistress” (which he’s been saying for days apparently before I finally decided to respond) – – followed by “I kneel on my panties”.

Huh?? Is that any way to approach a Domina, guys – – or even a lady in general??

“$$ first”, I replied, giving him my email address (which is publicly visible on the site), just to see his response.

Note that I never made any mention of dominating him (not that I would, hehe). Neither did I specify amount – – or even ask him to send anything, hehe.

“OK, Mistress”

And he followed that up by a bunch of time wasting comments about “verification”. Obviously he hadn’t bothered to even look at my Instagram profile – or maybe he had – and was too horny – – a problem I’m pretty sure plagues femdom in general.

Guys- if you’re interested in a Domina (or those you think are Dominas) – – at least take the time to READ “her” profile before messaging her!

I was recently speaking to a vanilla (as of now, hehe) friend of mine, and she deleted one guy she just met online who kept video calling her though she a) didn’t know him from Adam and b) told him she was busy at the time.

“He keeps video calling me, Mike!”

“And he’s sent me this video”, she continued. And she sent over a picture of a half nude dude in the shower – – preening and posing as if he was God’s gift to womankind in general.

“Is that him”, I laughed.

And it was. Sad state of affairs – – and so to all you ladies, and especially those working in the findom industry or BDSM in general – I feel ya, hehe.

As for our “friend” being referred to here, I am not going to post names to “protect the innocent”, hehe, but rest assured he’s far from the only one. There’s tons of people messaging with idiotic requests such as this – – I’m just in a particularly annoyed frame of mine at the moment, and his incessant, UNWANTED video calls just sent me over the edge.

Ugh. What’s the world come to, my friends. Can’t we all just learn the meaning of the words “RESPECT” and “CONSENSUAL” as opposed to “I’m a man, so I deserve it, and she’ll do it anyway??!”

And that, my friend, is THAT for today. I posted a similar blast on my WeChat account today as well – been that sort of day, hehe.

Takeaway from this email – my friends – is this – if you approach a Domina – or a woman in general – be respectful – and try to present SOME evidence of a brain (at the very least) – -and I do NOT mean the one in your pants. She will appreciate you all the more for it!

And that’s it for now.  Back later with more!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is the manual that a lot of TRUE male submissives have been raving about (and no, you horny fuckers that message just about every girl randomly do NOT count) in terms of finding the right Domina for them – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/ 

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