“She can massage your back. I’ll do your feet. Is that OK, Madam?”

So, today REALLY seems to be a day – for true femdom!

After my chat with Madam Susan, up popped another – Madam Jojo, the Queen of Shanghai, hehe, who is on holiday today due to a Chinese festival.

Now, this imperious lady is usually busy so we don’t chat a lot. Remember, we haven’t met in person as yet either (unlike with Madam Susan, hehe).

And as she messaged me today, I was surprised.

“Hello! I’m on holiday today!” was her message.

And I replied as soon as I saw it.

“Thank you, Madam!! I’m so lucky – we can chat a little today!” I replied, feeling extremely shy – – and excited, as usual!

And she responded after a while.

“I’m in massage now!” (with a giggle, as she knows…)

“Foot Massage”, I asked?

And then I remembered. Most Chinese ladies go for back massages at the salon around afternoon or early evening and being it was that time …

“Oh, wait, Madam. I think it’s back massage with oil at a salon!”

She replied in 10 minutes.


And she started laughing

“Yes, oil! Yes, salon!”

“I know Madam very well, it seems”, I responded, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Madam, she can massage your back (I was referring to the girl doing her back at the salon, of course). I’ll do your feet. Is that OK?”

And the peals of laughter … well, she might as well be laughing in person – in my face right NOW!

“But you’re not in Shanghai!”

“Yes, and that’s why I’m sad!” was my equally “happy” response, hehe.

“Madam deserves two people massaging her like a Queen. She can do your back, and I’ll press your feet, so you can relax more”

“Actually, not just foot massage. You need your feet washed when you come home from work too, and a foot massage at night. You can sleep better with a good foot massage”, I finished, scarcely (again!) believing what I was saying. Day 4 of talking to this ROYAL lady – – and yet!

And we haven’t even met, hehe.

And her response?

“I looking forward to it! You need come to Shanghai SOON!”

And she might as well have said “boy”, hehe.

Now, being we are in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, I do NOT want to travel anywhere outside my own Southern Chinese province, hehe – or risk a 14 day quarantine.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind being quarantined with her – and serving her hand and foot, hehe. As she deserves to be, and on that note, it’s … oh, but wait!

“Madam, may I please ask you another question?”

“Of course you can!”

As for what that question was – and what that led to – well  – I’ll cover thay in the next email!

Unitl then – – remember – its always about her – and always should be – and on that note – adios for now – I’ll keep you posted!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And in terms of true femdom, Chinese ladies are the very BEST, my friend – and that is why I’ve dedicated an entire PAGE to them, as you can see from my Chinese femdom compilations page. Take a gander right here – – I’m SURE you’ll find something you love!

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