Die bitch, die!

Dear Reader

The words still ring out in my mind, and though Madam Pearl was the one that FIRST said them to me in real life, the truth is I was the one that put those words in her mind to begin with, hehe.

And the reason I did that is because of a giantess POV video I saw WAY back in the day, which to me is almost as sexy as “one of them most inventive” sub orgasms was (that I wrote about before).

While in that video the Master stroking his slave’s caged cock and stepping back as the slave semi spurted, a sort of semi – ruined orgasm as it was (I can only imagine the FRUSTRATION if P spot play were to be involved!!) was the most arousing, the giantess video had THREE arousing parts.

One, the FOOT – and the broad sole squishing your insignificant self to OBLIVION, footboy!

Two, the dirty (usually) soles!

Three, Madam’s face and the look on her face, and the EYES, and the VIBE, and THAT is by far the MOST important.

And four (ok, I know I said three, but hey!) . . . her VOICE which just adds on to the third point, but deserves a mention of it’s own as she says it.

I think it was a foot Domina way back in the day. Goddess Brittany I think she was, and I can’t find her website any more so I’m not sure if she’s still doing this or not.

I still remember what she once told me via email.

(this was before my China days . . . )

I used to send her daily emails profusely thanking her for being dominant (though she never dominated me in the past) and her free videos and such, and telling her what I liked about them (which she could later use to get PAYING customers), and one day she said this.

“Thank you, my little footboy! Do you really want to serve me? I can dominate you very well, just like you DESERVE!”

. . . and of course, after I asked her a few more questions, in REGAL Goddess like style, she said the following.

“The funds must make their way to me before I forage into this further!”

She didn’t say boy this time, but she said it the first time, hehe.

And I was left with a giant hard on, and later an empty wallet as . . ah, but that’s another tale for another time!

For now, remember though that Madam was one of the best – – very best – – at giantess videos, and if I see her around, or her website, I’ll post it for free her. As she deserves!

And I truly do hope (actually, I know) she used some of that free information to get her paying clients.

Hey, I get nothing from it, but I shouldn’t, right?

True femdom is about her, and her having her cake and eating it too, and she was such a Goddess that . . .

And last, but not least, lest you think that money is the only way you can contribute, well, think AGAIN my friend – in fact think several times.

You can do other things, boy!

As Mistress Sadie, another supremely dominant lady I Wrote about before once told me, “You don’t need to leave my group for non payment, boy! You’re a great writer, so keep sending me the daily admiration and adoration as it helps me to build my customer base even more!”

(That was the sum and substance of it, hehe).

And I’ve actually participated in forums galore before, and gotten a tremendous response to my writings – all from the heart, much like I do here. I could name plenty, but I won’t, but those were truly dominant ladies that did it for love – and as a business, and if there ever is any bigger tribute I can give those ladies than my time used for THEIR benefit, well, I’m yet to hear it! ?

And on that note its adios.

I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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