The softest part on a woman’s BODY ….

… BOY!

You should know!

And thats what Miss Ann Lee, a lovely lady I met way way back in the day in China, a lady with the MOST piercing eyes ever told me!

Or asked me, actually.

Ann Lee was a Goddess. A Princess. A true Queen.

And she once was wondering about “if we’d get married”.

“You don’t have to do any housework!” I remember her telling me. “Ill do it!”


As if, hehe.


Yours truly sissified, but anyway, this isn’t about that.

When Ann Lee would kiss me, she’d “pull away” at the right moment.

When she’d hug, my hands would pull hers towards my nipples, and she would … pull away!

Right now, if she was in front of me, wearing the same white tennis shoes (curiously enough Princess Joanie wears them too, hehe) — I’d kiss them right now without hesitation!

And lick the grime of f them as well. The SOLES!

And her feet?

“You can see when we make love!” is what she once told me.

Anyway, Ann Lee influenced me in more ways than one, and from a certain standpoint, she also inspired a whole new business, and WAY of life (and I don’t mean femdom either).

But she was a great, great natural at keeping men on EDGE and HORNY and wanting more!

And this cours edoes much of the same, and tells you how to — 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his life, and have him SALIVATING — for more!

Yes, salivating!

Anyway, years later I met another lady “Ann”.

And she dominated me so expertly with her feet from the word go, that I just had to pen another book about her.

She took me places NO girl ever had before.

Including racial humiliation.

“You black skinned piece of shit”, she’d often say, as I praised her UP AND DOWN!

Left, right and center!

She rationed sex, and wouldn’t let me “do it sometimes” “even for health!”

“Madam, we shoul only have sex when YOU Want to”, I remember saying.

“Only for health, boy!”

Oh …. BOY!

She was another Goddess, and HERE is where you can read about her — Serving Ann.

Well, my friend, thats the “salaciousness” for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS — Some of you wrote in and asked why I’m not including links to Amazon while the site is down. Well, because the plan is to get it BACK Up. I’d rather people buy from my own site as opposed to the “monopoly prone biggies” which I despise (I don’t despise Amazon tho — it’s a great place to sell books, but still, I’d rather sell on my own site).

But for now, IF the site is down at the time of writng this — well — Google away my friend!! 😉

PS #2- Holy Mary. I just forgot I omitted to address the veyr point of this post.

Well, Ann once asked me the above question and I didnt know the answer!

And looking at me pointedly, and no, it ain’t no conincidence I wrote about this before, her reply!

“The inside of a woman’s thigh!”

Oh, them EYES as she said it!

Of course, cracked heels do it for me too ,yours truly SISSIFED, who truly talks more to a woman’s soles than HER.

And so it should be.

Women are just GODDESSES. Plain, and simple!!@!!!

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