Ladies, its NOT just about your feet!

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll touch upon an aspect of femdom that is talked about quite often – and that seems to one of the sticking points for both men and women in terms of finding the perfect D/s relationship.

That being looks … or more specifically, her feet.

Many years ago an ex girlfriend once asked me “what if you leave me for a girl with prettier feet”?

While I attempted to say I wouldn’t – – and while I did my best to explain WHY – – it didn’t seem she believed me.

I was 19 at the time, so some may put this down to inexperience, but this same girl told me that I acted far older than my age (and was far more “mature” in many regards) and while that is true, I do not say this to blow my own bugle, but merely to tell you that “lack of proper explanation” was NOT a reason why she didnt believe me.

To this date, many ladies, even those that have been introduced to femdom in the RIGHT WAY – often believe that it’s all about their feet.

Nothing could be further from the truth to be honest – at least for a TRUE male sub!

I’ve seen plenty of ladies with pretty feet – pedicured feet – but without the “look in the eye” – that innate VIBE of sheer DOMINANCE and uber-feminism that projects itself no matter what.

Other hand, I’ve seen ladies that are not normally considered “beautiful” in any sense of the world project this oh-so-naturally, and it was ALL I could do to stop myself from prostrating myself at their feet right there and then!

To me, sure, feet and soles are definitely something I look at – – but the very first thing is not always her feet. It’s her EYES!

The eyes, as Emerson once sagely said carry an indicator of your rank – and it’s the EYES that are the window into a delightfully dominant soul, my friend.

It’s the EYES – that LOOK IN THE EYE, oh, that look in the eye that does the magic – and anyone that tells you any different is either lying or not a true male sub (or perhaps not a true Domina in the real sense of the word).

And to answer the question above, NO, I would never “leave” a girl for the reason she mentioned above. Quite obviously not – and I’m sure a true male sub never would either.

However, this is an issue that often crops up – and the best way to explain it is exactly how I’ve explained it above – and exactly how I continually explain it in all my emails and writings.

It may time for her to “get it”. It may take time for it to “penetrate”. But believe me, backed up by the right actions on a very regular basis, penetrate it will – no puns intended! – and you, my friend, will be in for the RIDE of your life – again, no puns intended!

And that’s today’s message. Write back, and let me know what your thoughts are on this!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is a nifty little manual that you might want to peruse in terms of the “right actions” –


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