Upside down BALL BUSTING !

My oh my, what I saw today – prime example of why we have never seen it all, and keep learning!

Even yours truly, femdom expert and “real Mc Coy of femdom” – there are always some things I’ve not seen before!

And as I see this – oh my!

My fitness friend sent it to me.

And while I am a HUGE fan of his programs and doing handstands / handstand pushups and such (one of the fastest ways to get fit by the way, and build a rock solid upper body and core – and my friend teaches them so well) – EVEN HE was “in awe” of what he saw.

“Not for me”, he laughed!

But apparently that “Glyn Schofield” guy that keeps being a pest is!

Anyway …

In China, way back in the day (see Sin City Diaries for how it used to be, and still is – and the comparison!) – something I did not include in those books or talk about was girls literally – giving blowjobs upside down.

Apparently the guys could enter better!

Then, girls all with legs spread around a pool, and a round of guys going around and around until everyone had their fill of everyone.

All very Kamasutra like open – thats how it was in china back in the day! (and India, of course – the oldest civilization – WAY back in the day when they wrote the damn thing!) (India now, well, it’s sad the prudery but everyone still WANTS!).

Anyway …

My world class, award winning, jaw dropping course on busting balls like NEVER BEFORE – creative ways you’d NEVER think of is right here – Ballbusting 101.

But, I have to admit, handstands dont make their way into there!

Mostly because most people cannot do ’em, not because I didnt think of them.

Being suspended upside down, on a rotating pole or what not, apparently some of the girls were rotated in a circle while upside down for more BJ pleasure (that one doesnt make it to Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots either) – all of that I dont put, because those things – restraints, suspenders either aren’t readily always available, not everyone can DO THESE THINGS – and of course … what I teach you, and how?

Are the basics that can be applied to the extreme situations too!

The extreme here is just fluff, but in fetish, sex, bdsm, that fluff plays an important part! (the setting etc but the BASICS remain the same ie what I teach you).

(so ignore basics at your own peril friend).

Picture this.

Dude up in a handstand, not too bad, a bit shakey, but better than most people could, and then a girl comes out nowhere, and …

.. .POW! POW!

She uses the PUNCHING technique – down to a T – that I teach in Ballbusting 101 SO WELL!

And when she’s done?

Dude comes from the handstand.

And as the legs go beyond waist – he collapses in a heap. I dont blame him! That damn position is hard enough, now having your balls whammed in?


He’s good enough to HOLD the position while his nuts were being hammered, though of course, the pain will be more intense when he “comes down” and the balls do too!

Until then, of course, he was feeling it – but he felt it x 1000 upon coming down!

Anyway, my fitness friend describes Bozo Schofield as a fat blob for whom waddling to the bathroom is a chore in the mornings.

Sadly, a lot of people have let themselves go like that, though I must admit, the stories I hear about Glyn, none quite that loony!

Can YOU get into a handstand?

YOU might want to try this – if you’re brave enough. Hehe.

Personally, I’d recommend sticking with the basics though.

You’re far less likely to injure yourself badly “legs crumbling from a standing position” then you are in the upside down position!

Trust me, I know – Princess Joanie used to bust my balls all the time!

Of course, thats not mentioned in Volume One.

Her main thing was of course, raping my wallet, me, and humiliating me Like NEVER BEFORE!

And it’s in her honor the following two courses were created – Humiliation Central and the book on her – Princess Joanie . Get these two NOW, friend – the second Volume is on it’s WAY!

All for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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