My session in the hay with my perfect Mrs today!

You could call her my significant other – based upon all her interest in other men, I’d call her that!

And she doesnt want me anymore anyway, she wants a new stud and new cucks!

But anyway, my SO.

I just had to do somethign today when I saw her wearing her usual typical not sexy granny pajamas, because if there is one thing it showes, it’s her ASS!

Her lovely rear end


I’m fat“, she keeps complaining, but I’m not sure if she KNOWS how attractive that it is – well, to cucks. Hehe.

And I kissed her cheeks right there and then in the kitchen without taking her pajamas off.

IT started. The neigbors probably heard it!

And as I took her panties down, that lovely brown skin, those lovely brown BUTTOCKS came into view, that lovely ass crack, and it’s smelling so nice even now!

It’s rank, it’s unwashed, she just took a dump before making coffee!

And I smelled, licked and sniffed it, but while Idid that?

I gave her my phone!

With Amazon on it.

Madam, please, Madam, please …

She grinned, while switching positions and making her dive deeper into muff.

I did so.

“THIS IS WHAT I want, boy!” 

And I begged her again.

“Madam ji, please take my money, please take MORE OF IT!” 

Tring tring, as I transferred around $500 to her. 

That wasn’t enough.

I then begged her to buy more sexy dresses for herself, remember, all the time it’s MY money – hers! , and I’m face deep in lovely asshole, smelling of a recent dump and sweat!

I probed deep in with my tongue as she did this!

“Madam, please look sexy for other men!” 

and it was too much, as she bought her stuff, she smacked me one.

She was on her side.

I lifted one leg up.


Put it in, boy!

And I did put it in – I did all the work!

In the past, she’d put her leg on my shoulder and tweak my nipples to keep my sissy cock hard.

Which it never managed to.


After she took my money?

I was so hard!

And then.

“Maam, please humiliate me more!” 

“Madam please call me gay!” 

“Madam, please slap me hard!” 

“Madam, please, please NEVER suck my dick, Madam!” 

She was hesitant initially, but she soon got into it.

“Yes, boy! I’m a heroine!

“You’ll do all the housework, boy, and I’ll make you do it again if it’s not done right the first itme around!” 

“Cook me dinner, lunch, buy me things, boy!” 

And then the ultimate.

Her phone rang.

She ignored it.

I begged her to take it while switching back to kissing her ass cheeks, not the hole.


It’s a man calling!

One of her candidates. I’ve written before about why HR’s make the perfect Dominans, and so do headhunters.

“Madam”, I said, my tongue in her ass, and she giggled. 

She knew it!

“Please flirt with him!” 

She did so, that voice becoming even softer, and even he sensed somethign!

Call over.

I came spurts!

I licked it ALL up from her, but she casually, oh so casually flicked my nipples while lying on her side in utter bliss – ROUGHLY.

No technique that I mention in Nipplegasm Central, much like Pooja Ji did to me!

But it was enough!

Along with a ROUGH finger inserted in my lubed ass, and I thought of cock!

Lovely Indian cock with that PURPLE head.

I was rock hard as she started to humiliate me again.

After this time (so much for cucks not lasting in bed eh), I pulled out.

I shot a load all over her face!

She just lay there, STARING at me arrogantly.

Like Sharon Stone’s picture in Basic Instinct II And I!!! While the men screw other women, their mind is on … Sharon!

As a counselor once counseled an ex “let him think about it and do it anyway”.

She ddid not heed the advice. She should have, though!

It would have pleasured her beyond belief.

Key is – open mind!

And I licked my cum off her face, every last drop, kissed her, and went to make her a few sandwiches.

And that, my friend is that – write back and let me know how you liked it!


Mike Watson

PS – If this sounds like cuck heaven, it’s because it IS, boy.

You too can work up to it.

And to read more such stories, go here – Cuckold Compilations.

To BECOME the perfect cuck for her, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, get her into it – follow the tricks here – cuck Central.

But remember, it’s intense.

It’s for real cucks only – and real sissies.

If you’re a Bozo Schofield on public welfare in Birmingham pestering women, we dont want you aboard.

But real sissies and cucks – we WANT YOU – now!

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