Custom Content!

Lots of you are enjoying the foot shows Mike puts on at the you tube channel – so much so that I’ve even had requests for custom photo/video content for my soles, my domination where applicable – and more!

Samples of what you can expect to see – on our YouTube and Instagram channels!

And, a few pictures here ….

Mike will be happy to satisfy your wildest, most innate fantasies beyond your wildest dreams – much like I do with my writing, I go DEEP in my custom photo shoots – and videos!

You can request custom foot shots – videos of me talking “down” to you – dick pics – videos – all for a price, just as YOZu desire!

You’ll truly be underfoot, under beautiful feet that people have wondered if I get pedicured daily (i don’t – hehe) … that people love and cannot get enough of … lock, stock and BARREL.

Send me an email in case you’re interested along with your purchase. Remember, be verbose!

We look forward to serving you in all formats – written, audio, video and text.


Mike Watson

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Some more great stuff!


THIS book focuses on the ass, period. THIS book is the “101” to Sissygasm Central, if I might say that. THIS book is for you ass lovers out there. THIS book is really what you SEE when you first see ass, and want to KISS it, worship every INCH of those regal BUTTCHEEKS! THIS book …


25 ancient, SCINTILLATING, FORGOTTEN AND RED HOT “secret shamianic” ways to BUST HIS BALLS until he begs for mercy and NEVER asks for sexual favors again! Benefits (for the dominant WOMAN that loves to bust balls!) Remove all FEAR of ball busting you might have had, and proceed with GAY ABANDON! Humiliate and emasculate him …

Asian Femdom Compilation – Meeting Ms. Chen, Owned by Madam Aa Ling, The double agent, 25 million dollars, Serving Ann and Madam Carrie!

“A man’s place is always under a womans foot, and you better understand that, BOY!” A NINE IN ONE VALUE Includes – Meeting Ms. Chen (critically acclaimed!) Owned by Madam Aa Ling (very well received too!) The Double Agent (a classic indeed!) 25 million dollars (a tale of deception and FEMDOM…) Serving Ann (another classic!!) …

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