THIS book focuses on the ass, period. THIS book is the “101” to Sissygasm Central, if I might say that.

THIS book is for you ass lovers out there.

THIS book is really what you SEE when you first see ass, and want to KISS it, worship every INCH of those regal BUTTCHEEKS!

THIS book will work for preferences and tastes “across the spectrum”. You do not need to be into BDSM to enjoy the benefits of rimming – or the sheer pleasure that comes from it – or alternatively if you’re into that, from doing it!

Ladies and men can use -and apply – and enjoy these tips equally!

And that is why I wrote this book – another gem to add to our rapidly growing collection. I remember an old editor of mine once saying “Jesus, Mike. At this rate, we’ll have to create another library just for you!

THIS BOOK is TRULY THE  definitive course on worshipping HIS – and HER – ass – like NEVER BEFORE. Get this NOW!

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