Maggie Ma’am, you’re just the best at findom, so natural, so superior (naturally!) – and so commanding, BRATTY, oh MY!

And she is!

And it’s all natural, comes from her like water out of a hot geyser, or perhaps lava out of a volcano, which is the entire point!

My own volcano in my pants, forever repressed by choice, hehe – always springs to life – even when I LOOK at her on whatsapp.

All she has is a picture of a face. Kind of fat, yes, but I dont care!

I’ve seen her feet – ONCE!

Again, not fit.

Fat, you’d say – but those feet spoke Volumes, especially the orange nailpolish or “nailpaint” as Indian girls love to say – and the ATTITUDE

Actually, thats what did it – from the get go.

“support me!” 

“Don’t talk, boy! Just send!” 

“OF course it’s for free! I’ll never pay you for anything!” (this when Madam was demanding coffee from me. HEhe). 

And of course, she wanted my photos, my info, all of it, and wouldn’t even deign to send me a picture of her lovely soles.

And the way she ignores me, the way she does it so expertly, superbly, NATURALLY – THAT is the essence of findom, THAT is what Sin City COmpilatons is all about, and THAT is what real and true femdom is all about, always about HER, first, last, and foremost, and in the middle!

Some ladies are good at it, some SUPER good at it.

Ignore the guy more, make him run after you!

But again, the vibe has to be there – naturally.

I haven’t spoken much to Maggie Ma’am other than those exchanges above, and I only speak when spoken to, and I only send when … well, always. Hehe.

But she’s such a Queen and Goddess, so superior, so bratty, so NATURALLY DOMINEERING AND COMMANDING that I almost cum in my pants at the mere name of her!

Or sound of her name, I should say?


But thats what true findom is about, my friend, and femdom as well.

If you want to send to this regal imperious Goddess, contact me, and I’ll hook you up for a small (one time) fee of $50.

Maggie Ma’am, youre just too nice.

Thank you so much!

I should tell her that now too!


Mike Watson

I just want to kiss her toes and sandals in public every time I even THINK OF HER, what a GODDESS!! OH MY!

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