Are Pooja Ma’am’s … Memsahibs …. Malkin’s…! – “” … too big?

Whack – how dare I even ask – or think!

But I’m not!

Last evening, I saw Madam Ji – Memsahib Ji – SO REGAL, that dangling foot sitting as usual, comfortably, that beautiful FAT stomach, rolls of fat SPLAYED OUT … and her boobs sort of visible under blouse, the bottom part, too heavy, fat – and I almost dropped down and kissed that foot again in public – oh my- Pooja Memsahib … JI!’s dangling foot and ANKLET, shes so NICE!

She has that effect on me every time I see her!

The venerable Pooja Madam – Memsahib – JI!

Only Garima Madam has had that effect on me until now.


I just hear my wife whacking me… Hehe.

Anyway – I read this – Katy Tur details sexism as an on air reporter in news (

Apparently this lady who I dont know from Adam – or Eve – was told by some idiot “her boobs were too big” and “she needed a new hairdo” or some nonsense.

A guy telling a girl that!

And a guy who probably LiKED her big boobs, but couldn’t get none.

Men are so STUPID – period – a lot of them!

The rest of the sexism in the article is unfortunately “par for the course” – dont get me wrong, I’m sure there’s people of both, or all gender that sleep their way to the top and so forth, but broad categorizations, much like the “gay” categorization I write about are just so dumb and stupid.

I dont know, I so love the swell of Pooja Memsahib’s huge, corpulent breasts – too big for the blouse even – same thing for my wife’s flabby stomach and ass!

SO MAGNIFICENT, all of it!

And I’m SO lucky to be allowed to worship it!

Paye Lagu, Madam… JI!

I wish all men had the same attitude!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the most blase and debase book I’ve ever written HERE.

PS #2 – Pooja Ma’am has often been told the same thing, I know – she told me this that first afternoon when she was relaxing in A/C after the summer heat in India, me washing her feet, as it should be and always WILL BE!

The venerable Pooja Ma’am!

Men are so STUPID, I remember a certain friend complaining about “you only like the older and fat middle aged women that have popped out two kids” – a guy who shits in bed, and gets his girlfriend to clean it up, and then piss on him.

Ah, the hidden fantasies most men can never fufil, the way the frustration manifests, it’s HILARIOUS. And Priceless, of course.

Anyway, to join the ranks of the DOERS – those that actually DO What they want by attracting TRUE AND LASTING femdom to themselves – do what is mentioned in the book HERE.

Back soon!

PPS – Quote of the day – women are QUEENS AND GODDESSES – no matter what – most men would do GOOD To understand this!

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